Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower Before the Election! Filthy RAT!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2017

I said to Trump, I said: “you have to go on the offensive, you have to go hard, you have to do it now.”

I’m not saying Trump’s people read the site. They just know what the hell is going on. As I do.

Also, Trump’s people probably read the site.

This is real.

I’m sure it’s real.

And I’m sure he’s known it for a while. He comes out with it as it was needed.

This is going to be big. He’s got proof. But he’s not going to come right out with it. He’s doing the old rope-a-dope on the dopey kike media.

They’re going to claim he’s lying, he’s insane, he’s off the rails – then he’s going to drop the bomb.