Obama Seizes Over 1.5 Million Acres of Land to Agitate and Prevent Economic Development

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2017

You are a worthless failure Barry. Do us all a favor and deport yourself to Kenya. 

So much for a smooth transition of power. Everything Barry Soetoro has done in his last few weeks in office has been calculated to cause problems for Donald Trump. Here’s another example.

Obama decided that he would use executive powers to seize over 1.5 million acres of land designating them as national monuments. This was done without any consultation or agreement from the local populations. The land grabs were done to agitate and prevent economic development.


Last week, in one of his final moves out of the Oval Office, Obama executively designated more than 1.5 million acres of land as national monuments, preserving their untouched façade while closing them to human expansion, development, energy use, ranching or state or local jurisdiction.

In a move ignored by the liberal media last week, Obama unilaterally seized more than 1.3 million acres from Utah to establish the Bears Ears Monument, preserving it at the behest of conservationist groups and Native American tribes who claimed the land was sacred. Utah’s state legislature, however, opposed the unilateral land grab across party lines, with many speculating that Obama’s move is the latest in an attempt to limit efforts from incoming President Donald Trump to expand domestic energy production.

Obama also claimed 300,000 acres in Clark County, Nevada, as the Gold Butte National Monument, effectively closing the area off to future development for uranium mining, oil drilling or natural gas production.

I think we can all agree that the concept of America’s national parks and national monuments is a good idea. I don’t think there is anybody who does not want to preserve America’s natural treasures. This is an abuse of that concept. The federal government should not be coming in and taking over large blocks of land unless there is support from the local residents. With these land grabs, there does not seem to be much if any agreement with his actions.

Utah’s state legislature has opposed his land grab due to the fact that it limits their ability to promote economic development.

The Nevada land grab is equally as dubious as this land is local to where the Bundy ranch militia incident took place. This appears to be retaliation from Obama for embarrassing him. The locals including the Bundy’s have already voiced their opposition.

Between this and his childish actions against Russia, it is obvious that everything he said about ensuring a smooth transition of power was a lie. This is yet another Obama order that Trump is going to have to reverse. Thank goodness this worthless loser is only in power a few more weeks.