Obama Homecoming: Witch Doctor Predicts the Return of the Mulatto Queer

Modern Heretic
July 23, 2015

Evolutionary dead-ends worship the magic yella.

American politics has become such a corrupt kosher joke that a plutocrat slumlord with a ridiculous comb-over is pretty much the only choice for 2016 that won’t accelerate the coming collapse. Every other “conservative” option is the long shadow trailing after tyranny that these days has become alarmingly short. We’re talking jewish-owned stooges that support ideas that were considered extremely far left even by cultural marxists three or four years ago. Might as well Trump. At least he’s entertaining and isn’t praising the rot like every other Loser Party empty suit.

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual for the ruling communists: more attacks on White America, more open borders, more worthless currency, more useful crises, more profound spiritual evil. The mulatto puppet has been pried away from his beloved televised Africa ball long enough to travel to the heart of darkness and the ultimate political pundit, an amulet-rattling masked tribesman, has the inside scoop on this mission of hope.

A democrat strategy insider.


President Obama is not officially scheduled to visit his ancestral home when he visits East Africa this week, but witch doctor John Dimo knows better.

Will the “yella” visit his birthplace? According to an animal whose highly spiritual duties include hacking up albinos and jumping around with a rattle, it’s going to happen. Say what you want, this stone age leftover is still more trustworthy and likeable than our dinosaur media.

After tossing some shells and animal bones on the ground, Dimo is convinced the American president will come to this tiny village, home of Mama Sarah Obama, 95, his step-grandmother, and the burial place of Barack Obama Sr., his father.

Superstition and idiocy in a land free from the protective hand of Whites. Dreams of my father, a savage jungle monster rotting in an African privy. Come back magic mystery meat, we dyin’ hee-ah.

“The results indicate that Obama will come to Kogelo,” Dimo told a circle of residents this month as they cheered with excitement at the prospect of a presidential visit as they watched his fortunetelling ritual. “It’s a big secret, and he need not tell anybody that he will be visiting his ancestral home.”

The mind of the negro. We can civilize it, teach it to approximate White behavior, if only we spend and bleed for decade after decade. Let’s get this “fortune teller” into the U.S.S.A. and settle it in the Whitest available area.

Dimo said he has a good track record for predicting the future: When Obama visited Kogelo in 2006 as a U.S. senator — before he announced his White House run — Dimo predicted he would someday become president.

What a brilliant beast. Who could have predicted the Loser Party’s platform of a hundred years of war for Israel wouldn’t resonate with the average voter.

The village’s anticipation is matched by excitement throughout Kenya as it prepares for Obama’s arrival Friday to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the capital of Nairobi — the first visit of a sitting U.S. president to the country.

This plan, such as it is, basically consists of pouring more White tax dollars into the African sewer where it will be used to fund warlords and their armies of child soldiers. African School Economics. Backwards insanity and brutality worthy of Detroit or St. Louis, paid for by Whites who will be thanked with more condemnations and violence.

In Kogelo, about 200 miles northwest of the capital, villagers have erected an Obama statue to mark the president’s visit. Local officials have renovated his father’s grave. Merchants are selling Obama T-shirts, jeans and portraits.

The presidential cargo cult. Come back Barry O, bring your amazing gifts that fall from heaven and certainly aren’t paid for by working Whites.

“President Obama should find his home clean,” said Janet Atieno, a woman planting flowers at the Kogelo Village Resort hotel in case the president drops by. “We’ve been cleaning the village since the news of his visit was announced.”

The president will have the best mud hut and cleanest dirt floor you could imagine.

The African answer to "black lives matter."
The African answer to “black lives matter.”

“We’re prepared to host him,” said Mama Sarah Obama — whom the president refers to as “Granny” in his memoir. “It’s a big win to all Kenyans.”

Unlike the White grandmother that raised the mulatto puppet, who was promptly forgotten during this turd’s jew-controlled campaign to rule over ruins.

Mama Sarah Obama, who has became a national celebrity in Kenya since her grandson assumed office, said Obama promised he would visit her when she spoke with the president while on a tour of the U.S. two years ago.

Unless it’s “more foreign invasion” or “more blaming Whites for everything” the promises of our teleprompter reader aren’t exactly reliable.

Gov. Cornel Rasanga, who oversees the region that includes Kogelo, said his office is ready to receive Obama if he visits the village, adding that he would ask the president to help secure funding for four projects in the region — a university, a medical training college, a pediatric hospital and a power plant.

Don’t worry Whitey, you’ll get the bill for this dead-on-arrival attempt to uplift 65 I.Q. genetic aliens.

Willys Onyango, 27, a handcart pusher who works for Mama Sarah Obama’s Foundation, said he’d likely be unemployed without Obama’s ties to the village. “His position as a president has earned us jobs and we’re glad,” said Onyango. “We love him, and we are nervously waiting for his visit.”

“Brang dee han-outs an sheet mistah haf-bead.”

Hope and change.