Obama has Killed More Innocent Pakistanis with Drones Than Americans Died on 9/11

January 13, 2014

"Nigga we bouta git bowdy rowdy up in her wif dem drowngs." -Barack Obama
“Nigga we bouta git bowdy rowdy up in her wif dem drowngs.” -Barack Obama, speaking on how he is going to get rowdy, and what he will use to do so

9/11 is often cited as the justification for the continued war on terror. However, that war is mainly being fought with remote control drones. The number of innocent bystanders killed is an extremely high percentage of the total. Obama greatly increased the use of drone attacks. After taking office he launched a new war in Yemen and dramatically increased drone bombing in Pakistan and Africa.

Of all the drone bombing carried out during the Bush administration, about 30% killed a high value target. Under Obama, that number is estimated to be only 13%. Off all the people known to have been killed by Obama’s drone strikes, only 2% of the total were high value targets. In some case, huge numbers of women and children were killed just to get one high value target.

Recently, Lindsey Graham let slip that the total number of drone deaths is estimated to be 4,971. This is much higher than so-called “official figures” the White House has been releasing.

What this means is that the total number of innocent bystanders, many of whom are women and children, undoubtedly exceeds the number of Americans killed in 9/11.

Presently, Barack Obama is known to be drone bombing Sunni Jihadists in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and parts of Africa. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is supplying radical Sunni Jihadists in Syria who are fighting a genocidal war with Christians and Shia.

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