Obama has Been on Twitter Telling the Stupid Goyim Why They Have to be Locked Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2020

Presidential portrait of Barack Obama

You know things are serious when the former African President of America crawls up out of his pizza-den to instruct the stupid goyim about why they have to be locked in their houses because of a kooky boomer hoax plague.

NBC News:

Former President Barack Obama is making use of his large social media platforms to address the coronavirus crisis and posting like never before since leaving the presidency.

Obama, who has remained mum on many of the biggest issues to arise during President Donald Trump’s time in office, is now routinely posting messages to Twitter — and cross-posting some to his Facebook following — promoting safety measures, explaining the reasoning behind strong new restrictions to combat the virus, and sharing stories he finds inspiring of individuals and organizations that have taken action during the crisis.

As Trump used Twitter to post messages late Sunday into Monday suggesting his administration may reverse course on elements of its call to action in response to the outbreak in an effort to jumpstart the economy, Obama posted a link to a New York Times story detailing “harsh steps” that may still need to be taken or expanded upon to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

Oh it’s going to be harsh alright.

Harsh as sandpaper on your scrotum.

He hasn’t really even been tweeting that much. No doubt he still lives in fear that his dirty dealings will finally be exposed, and he knows that as long as he keeps quiet, no one will be able to see him unless he opens his mouth and his teeth become visible in the darkness of his hiding spot.

The tweeting he is doing is just the typical benign hysteria that we are all accustomed to with regards to this stupid hoax.

“Okay, folks. You folks better stay inside and die like ZOG says, folks. Folks, folks, folks, bix nood.”

The dumber this hoax gets, the more I agree with Alex Jones.

Enough already!