Obama-Endorsed Negro Poet Embraces Anti-Semitism

IG Farben
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2017

“I like to think Mr. Carter and I understand each other.”
– Barack Hussein Obama, June 15, 2017

When an antique piece of farm equipment is re-purposed to verbally recite a criminal rap sheet in song, one should expect instant classics such as “Jigga My Nigga” and “Fuck With Me You Know I Got It” would earn hundreds of millions of shekels and garner plenty of kosher music awards.

However, after being honored by Obama just two weeks ago at the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, the rapper Jay Z (aka Sean Carter) released an album that has been described by critics in one word: anti-Semitic.

Even without listening to the song, all the media-kvetching paints a clear picture that this Negroid sage has struck a nerve.

Let’s listen to what Jews have to say about it…


In a song titled “The Story of O.J.,” Jay-Z appears to admonish black Americans for “throwing away” their money — and advises them to follow the lead of Jews, who “own all the property.”

“You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it,” he raps before launching into a lesson about the importance of “financial freedom.”

Zachary Braiterman, a professor of religion at Syracuse University, described the line as a mixture of philo-Semitism and anti-Semitism.

“Jay-Z seems to think it’s actually a good thing that Jews ‘own all the property,’ recommending capital as a model of financial independence to the African American community,” Braiterman wrote on his blog. “On the other hand, Jay-Z repeats the mantra that Jews own all the property.”

Professor Braiterman seems to think that all the “real niggas” will feel the philo-semitism. Surely, Jay Z fans will appreciate a lesson in personal financial management. These well-adjusted minorities will be encouraged to emulate money-lending ethics of the Hebrews to attain power and tribal identity.


Or they will be like, “Nigga, the Jews control America.”

Everyone can see it. Jay Z knows that Jews run the music industry. Obama knows Jews control Washington. They know, just like us, that the real privileged class in the United States is the Jewish elite.

In fact, “the goyim knowing” may be an issue that the Democrat party is willing to address. The old guard of pro-Israel Democratic leaders are being pushed out by Moslems, vibrancy, and degeneracy. This new coalition is looking to scapegoat rich and privileged White people.

But who can White liberals blame?

Well, with Jews being ejected from gay parades, the ouster of Jewish supremacist Debbie Wassermann-Schultz from the DNC Chair, and the ascendance of anti-Semitic Moslem Keith Ellison to Deputy Chair of the DNC, it is clear that the Democrats are trying to give left-leaning Whites the opportunity to signal against “the financial domination of 1%,” “Israeli apartheid,” or whatever anti-Semitic memes that are fueling the BDS movement.

A strong push to exclude Jews may actually be part of a strategy to attract White voters and win against the new Republican party. If Obama, who has been characterized by the Washington Post as anti-Israel, and his surrogates continue to dog-whistle (or nog-whistle, rather) against Jews, the Republican party may lose support because of its unabashed defense of the Jewish state.

And if Democrats can make “Jew” and “Israel” synonymous with “Trump”, they may have a real shot a rebuilding their credibility.

(Disclaimer: I do not like Jay Z and do not encourage any reader to listen to his music. But as much as I am fine with the increase in anti-Semitism among Blacks and the general Democratic coalition, there is a downside to this story…

Where are all the White musicians speaking up against the evils of Semitism?)