Obama Claims Trump Unable to Destroy His Legacy, Implies Trump will Commit Another Shoah

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2016

Kenyan terrorist Barack Obama is lashing out against Glorious Leader, claiming that he cannot crush his legacy.

Of course, this is totally untrue. Everything he tried to do has been left unfinished. It was up to Hillary to make it stick. Trump can and will roll it all back.

Fox News:

A “fired up” President Obama vowed Monday that Donald Trump will find it’s not so “easy” to roll back his myriad regulatory policies, previewing a long fight ahead between his allies and majority Republicans taking control next year.

President-elect Trump has vowed to repeal and replace ObamaCare, while canceling “every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama.”

Trump also pledges to sharply increase oil and gas drilling on federal lands while opening up offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean and other areas where it is blocked. Further, he wants to repeal the Clean Power Plan, Obama’s signature effort to limit carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. The plan — the linchpin of Obama’s strategy to fight global warming — is currently on hold awaiting a court ruling.

It is all but assured that Trump, together with the Republican-controlled Congress, will try anew next year to repeal or significantly change ObamaCare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act.

But in a conference call with Democrats Monday, Obama warned that unraveling his policies is “not as easy” as some say. Plus, he said even if the Trump administration rolls back 15-20 percent of his work, they’re still “80 percent” ahead.

The outgoing president did not specify what his post-presidency role will be, but hinted he’d be involved and said he’d be “working shoulder to shoulder” with Democrats for “many years.”

Obama said he’d be in a position to make the case for why policies like ObamaCare should be preserved and said, “I’m still fired up,” referencing his 2008 campaign catch phrase.

In an earlier White House press conference before he left the country for his final overseas trip as president, Obama specifically addressed Republican plans to upend ObamaCare.

“Now that Republicans are in charge, they got to take a look and say, let’s see. We got 20 million people who have health insurance who didn’t have it before,” he said. “Health care costs generally have gone up at a significantly slower rate since ObamaCare was passed than they did before, which has saved the federal Treasury hundreds of billions of dollars.”

That’s just an outright lie.

People are paying five times what they paid before Obamacare, and getting worse coverage.

Obama has also come out and said that he’s not responsible for Donald Trump – which is also a lie.

But ultimately, we’re all thankful that he and his team made Trump possible.

USA Today:

Before the election, President Obama was so confident that Donald Trump wouldn’t be elected to succeed him that he scoffed at questions about whether he was partly responsible for the Trump backlash.

“You know, talk to me if he wins. Then we’ll have a conversation about how responsible I feel about it,” Obama told NBC’s Matt Lauer in January.

Trump did win, and Obama still isn’t sure what he would have done differently.

Maybe “Trayvon is my son” and funding ISIS?

Perhaps the healthcare thing?

The Mexican invasion?

All of this created the Donald Trump phenomenon.

“I think it’s fair to say that I was surprised by the election results, and I’ve said so,” Obama said Tuesday after being reminded of the quote by NBC reporter Chris Jansing at a news conference in Athens. “I still don’t feel responsible for what the president-elect says or does. But I do feel a responsibility as president of the United States to make sure that I facilitate a good transition and I present to him as well, as the American people my best thinking, my best ideas about how you move the country forward.”

Obama attributed Trump’s victory to a vague yearning for change amid unease about globalization. And he warned against a “crude sort of nationalism” that threatens Western nations where people are anxious about growing income inequality and job loss.

“Globalization combined with technology, combined with social media and constant information, have disrupted people’s lives sometimes in very concrete ways,” he said. “But also psychologically, people are less certain of their national identities or their place in the world. It starts looking different and disorienting. And there is no doubt that that has produced populist movements both from the left and from the right in many countries in Europe.”

But Obama said he still believes his policies were the right ones.

“Last I checked, a pretty healthy majority of the American people agree with my worldview on a lot of things,” he said. “And I know that that begs the question, well, how is it that somebody who appears to have a very different world view just got elected? As I said, sometimes people just feel as if we want to try something to see if we can shake things up.”

Obama has been largely deferential to the president-elect since the election — a remarkable turnaround from his campaign rhetoric in which he called Trump “dangerous” and “unfit for the presidency.”

But on Tuesday, he seemed to differentiate between the Trump presidency — which he’s constitutionally obligated to accede to — and Trump’s rhetoric, which he called “pretty troubling and not necessarily connected to facts.”

Obama spoke at a press conference in Athens, where he began a three-city foreign tour the week after Trump’s upset victory. And he used the European experiment as an example, even as he engaged in a mission to try to reassure European leaders that Trump’s election would not alter the U.S. commitment to economic and political cooperation.

“We know what happens when Europeans start dividing themselves up and emphasizing their differences,” Obama said. “The 20th century was a bloodbath. And for all the frustrations and failures of the project to unify Europe, the last five decades have been a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity in Europe.”




Because of course.