Obama Blames Donald Trump for Mass Shootings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2019

The nigger Barack Obama, who publicly and purposefully incited the Basketball American community to rise up and attack White people over idiotic hoaxes like Trayvon Martin, has come out attacking Donald Trump as the real violence-promoter.

It should be noted also that the nigger Obama also did a bunch of wars, including bombing and destroying Libya randomly for no reason, something which Trump has been much better about than this nigger.

Nigger, if you expect me to read that whole shit you just wrote, you are even more of a nigger than I thought.

Skimming it, I see the word “Holocaust” – give us proof of the gas chambers, you monkeyfaced ape!


Anyway, if I am to be honest, I actually did read most of that post from this nigger, and I will summarize it: he is saying that Donald Trump saying mean things about Basketball people and taco people caused two mass shootings over the weekend.

Even though we know that one of these shootings was done by a far-leftist who supported Elizabeth Warren. And shockingly, none of the kikes who run the media are even mentioning that, let alone saying it is her fault and that she should be forced to answer for it.

I wouldn’t blame Elizabeth Warren’s communist rhetoric for that shooting either, because blaming politicians for mass shootings is just fucking retarded. It is not a serious thing. Whatever your explanation of these shootings is, there is no reasonable way to twist it into “someone said something mean so they are responsible for this person who went out and killed a bunch of random people.”

This is simply not logically sound. It is mere gibberish.

The nigger Obama rarely comes out with this sort of thing. He mostly stays in the shadows, where you can only see him when he smiles. But what we are seeing now is both a pushback against Donald Trump’s increasingly nativist and pro-White rhetoric and the biggest yet push for gun control, so apparently this was a special case when Obama thought it was important to come out and spew his nigger nonsense.

Of course, he did not mention Trayvon Martin or any of his other basketball hoaxes.

Trump responded to him.

Mass shootings are just an unfortunate fact of life in America. There is nothing anyone can really say about them. Of the ones done by White people (an extreme minority of the total), some of them are related to mental health, some of them are related to the multicultural project which has been forced upon us. And the ones related to mental health are not totally unrelated to multiculturalism, because multiculturalism is not good for anyone’s health.

Until we address root causes, there is nothing we can do to stop these shootings.

If anything, Trump’s racist rhetoric prevents violence, as it makes people think he is going to do something to stop the multicultural project. Even though he isn’t.