Obama Administration Asked NSA to Do “Illegal, Immoral” Things

Daily Stormer
April 5, 2017

He knows he can just pull out his race card if he gets into trouble.

Nearly the entire media infrastructure is screaming out that Susan Rice did nothing wrong and that this story is a “distraction” from the real issue – which is that Trump is an agent of the Kremlin.

Unfortunately for them, it seemed that their “good girl” did significantly more than “nuffin.”

More dirt is being released on Obama’s administration at a rapid pace.


Although it’s all but impossible to prove, if Rice asked for those identities for political—not national security—reasons, there’s a problem. Then there’s the possibility that she may not have adhered to NSA’s rigid rules about protecting the identities of those unmasked USPs. If she informed White House staffers without a need to know who those Americans were, the FBI may have something to investigate.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Susan Rice is a deeply unpopular figure with our Intelligence Community. Her abrasive personality and overall incompetence grated on the IC. Her habitually coarse language was inflicted on senior intelligence officials more than once, while nobody outside Obama’s inner circle considered Rice even marginally competent at her job. Simply put, she was the worst National Security Adviser in American history—at least until Mike Flynn’s dismally failed three-week tenure.

A monkey was the worse National Security adviser ever? Pure coincidence. The next monkey may be the best, you know?

In addition, Rice didn’t like to play by the rules, including the top-secret ones. On multiple occasions, she asked the NSA to do things they regarded as unethical and perhaps illegal. When she was turned down—the NSA fears breaking laws for any White House, since they know they will be left holding the bag in the end—Rice kept pushing.

As a longtime NSA official who experienced Rice’s wrath more than once told me, “We tried to tell her to pound sand on some things, but it wasn’t allowed—we were always overruled.” On multiple occasions, Rice got top Agency leadership to approve things which NSA personnel on the front end of the spy business refused. This means there may be something Congress and the FBI need to investigate here.

Okay, imagine this.

What do you think would happen if, in 2019, the Trump administration requested unmasking of reports for the top Democratic candidates? And he continuously attacked his top rival, while his staff were making unethical and borderline illegal requests from the intelligence services to get information about his rival?

Do you think the media would ignore this like they’re ignoring the Susan Rice/Obama scandal?


These people are bold-faced liars. Someone needs to ask a CNN anchor to his face if he thinks it would be fine for Trump to spy on Democratic rivals using the NSA.

It’s “legal,” after all.

Let’s see Tapper worm his way out of that one.