Oakland: Asian News Reporter Goes on Timid Jihad Against Black Police Chief Amidst Wave of Black-on-Asian Violence

There is an Asian news reporter in Oakland, Dion Lim, who is covering the ongoing crisis of black people attacking Asians in California.

You can watch her most recent piece in the video above – she shows at least five recent attacks on Asians by blacks, then goes to the black police chief and asks him what he’s going to do about it.

The report posted with the video has the details.


Dramatic surveillance video coming out of Oakland shows the moment four people approach a pair of seniors, rob them and are chased away thanks to their machete-wielding son.

Speaking to ABC7 News anchor Dion Lim, the son, who does not want to be identified or share publicly the neighborhood where this incident happened said the group of men approached his parents on their front porch after they had come home from grocery shopping Monday, March 29 at around 4:30.

In addition to grabbing the gold chain from off his mother’s neck, you can see the robbers reach into his father’s pockets to take a cell phone and keys.

The son says he’s glad he was home at the time.

“I heard my mom screaming and that’s when I ran out. If I hadn’t come out they would have done a lot worse.”

He continues to explain that he was changing his clothes when he heard the commotion which is why he ran out the door barefoot but thought quickly enough to grab a nearby machete to thwart the men from advancing into the house.

This robbery and assault comes just one day before a Vietnamese couple was tied up in front of their 7-year old daughter less than 10 minutes away was robbed of much of their life savings and their home ransacked.

Both sets of victims say they want specific action taken by Oakland Police and showed displeasure in their response times and amount of care taken in both incidents. The man in the porch attack from the 29th says he’d like to see the culprits be “locked away for 10 years minimum”.

Well, sorry to tell you this Chang, but blacks don’t get arrested for crime in America anymore, so this is just something you’re going to have to deal with.

Obviously, the news reporter Lim is doing her best to fight for her racial comrades. She confronted the black police chief, and he had nothing to say.

He said he has “limited resources,” but didn’t mention why his resources are so limited.

The city cut the budget last year because of BLM, and as recently as February of this year, they were demanding even more cuts.

Dion Lim, I’m very certain, knows why resources are so limited, but that wasn’t included in her report.

Thus, it is a very timid jihad.

Until she says “the government is refusing to arrest blacks, which means that Asians are going to continue to be targeted by blacks,” her ability to address the problem is very limited.

In the video report, she mentions that an Asian man was himself arrested for firing a gun while an Asian was being robbed by blacks.

I hadn’t even seen that story, but here’s a news report on it from February.

That is literally designed to make Asians afraid to defend themselves against the blacks. Otherwise, even if it was an illegal gun, they would have just taken the gun and given him a fine – not literally arrested him for it.

The government is actively encouraging these attacks on Asians, while at the same time managing to somehow blame white people.

This is all just nuts.

I salute Dion Lim for doing her best to push back against this, but there isn’t really anything she can do, short of calling out the black police chief for refusing to arrest other blacks.

We’ve been told, again and again for infinity, that race is the most important factor in society. But now we have an open race war, with the blacks brutally targeting the Asians, and while you’re allowed to mention the race of the victims – Asian – the attackers cannot be mentioned.

Again: every report on national media, with CNN being notably aggressive about it, and NBC being almost as bad, is blaming white people for blacks attacking Asians.

At some point, some Asian is just going to have to man-up and point out the fact that blacks are doing this, and the reason they are doing this is because after last year’s Black Lives Matter riots, police now refuse to arrest blacks, which means they can just do anything.

Asians are largely defenseless, because they come from a society that doesn’t have violent crime. Someone is going to have to say something about what is going on at some point, or this is just going to keep getting worse.

Furthermore, I just want to say this: whites would do well to come out and defend the Asians against these black attacks, because we’re next.

And they’re not going to do a big “anti-white hate attacks” media spectacle for us, they’re not going to blame white supremacy for a string of violent attacks on whites. No. Instead, they’re just not going to talk about it at all. The media will be banned from reporting the attacks. Maybe you’ll see some of it on local media, like we’re seeing the truth about these Asian attacks on local media, but it’s going to be limited.

What has happened is that blacks have learned they can attack Asians and there are no consequences. Soon, they will learn they can do the same to whites. Then, the dam is going to break, and it’s going to be open season.

You’ve been warned.