O, Coronavirus: A Pathological Society Twirling Toward Communist Hell

We are now far enough away from the initial hoax of the coronavirus that we should be able to look at it soberly. Most people apparently cannot, hence the fact that it is ongoing, and actually intensifying. But Daily Stormer readers are not most people.

The national lockdown began just over four months ago on March 15, 2020. We now live in a completely new reality, created not by a virus, but by the response to a virus, actions that were taken by the government and the media for aggressive and ambitious political purposes.

The first chant of the lockdown was “flatten the curve.” This meant that we needed to spread out the rate at which people became infected with the virus, because if everyone got infected at the same time, it would overwhelm the hospitals, and people would die unnecessarily because they couldn’t get treatment. When the lockdown began, there was no plan to prevent people from getting infected with the virus.

During this phase, we began with “social distancing,” despite the fact that this practice was not supported by any science. We would not begin the masks until weeks later, but the implementation of social distancing was a clear sign that the government and media were using methods of psychological conditioning on the public, with the goal of breaking people down. Social distancing is a way to alienate and dehumanize the people.

Within the first weeks of the lockdown, it was obvious that the hospitals would not be overwhelmed. It would have made logical sense at that point to open everything back up, if we were following their own stated reasoning. But they did not want to open everything back up, so they invented a new narrative: we have to keep people from ever getting infected at all.

With this new narrative, the chant of the lockdown became “not one life for the economy,” meaning that it was worth collapsing the entire economy and the basic social order if it would prevent one person from dying of coronavirus. They of course pretended as though collapsing the entire economy would not cause mass death. Then they admitted it would, but said it didn’t matter.

None of this ever made any basic sense. None of it was ever scientific. It was all contingent on the ability of the government and media to spread mass hysteria, and to get the people to agree to go along with things without thinking. What is truly incredible is that people are continuing to go along with it, even when we can sit back and look at how insane it all was. It is possible that the sunk cost fallacy is at work here in the mass mind. Or, perhaps, we’ve all just had an extreme psychosis induced, and we’re just going along for the ride.

At this point, we appear to be simply fumbling in the dark, lurching forward into the abyss, without even a clear idea of what the goal is. The government is funding mass testing, and even though the recorded deaths have gone down to virtually nothing, they are fraudulently using statistical data to claim that there is an increase in infections. In reality, there are simply more recorded infections because of the mass testing.

If we actually had an increase in infections and a decrease in deaths, as these charts indicate, it would mean the virus is now less than 1/10th as deadly as it was in April. But no one is saying that, because they are lying on purpose. In order to understand the above two graphs, you need this third graph.

The truth is that fewer deaths necessarily means there are fewer infections, and the fact that so many people are testing positive simply means that when more people were dying in April and May, huge numbers of people were infected and didn’t know it. They didn’t know it because if you are not elderly and are not chronically ill, the coronavirus is a very mild flu virus. It does not even make a healthy person sick.

The entire global death count of coronavirus, even if you believe the whole thing, motorcycle crashes and all, is really not much in the larger scheme of things. We’re at just over 600,000. Globally. Officially. Of course, this is overwhelmingly old people who were going to die soon anyway. The median average age of death, globally, is around 80.

This death toll is the same as the annual average of global flu deaths, according to the World Health Organization.

There is no evidence that these lockdowns stopped any deaths. When the lockdowns were lifted, deaths decreased. A recent South Korean study found that you’re more likely to get the virus if you are staying home. There is also the fact that closed quarters and a lack of sunlight and exercise make you more susceptible to disease generally.

Then you have the big old elephant in the room – Sweden. They did no lockdown at all, and they have a lower per capita death toll than the UK and most other European countries.

If we look back on the initial lockdown, even if you believe in the extreme hysteria, I think everyone can agree that it would have been safer to send people to work with masks than lock people in their homes but allow them to go to the grocery store without masks (which is what was happening during what were supposed to be peak weeks of the virus).

We also could have made a decision to only quarantine the vulnerable, given that someone under 60 who is not chronically ill has virtually no chance whatsoever of dying from the virus, and probably will not know if they’re infected with it.

Even if you said that without the lockdown, the death toll would have been 10-15% higher (no one can seriously claim anything higher than that), it continues to make no sense, given the number of people who are going to die as a result of the lockdown.

Our current death toll of 636,479 is significantly lower than that of both the 1957 outbreak of the Asian flu and the 1969 outbreak of the Hong Kong flu. The World Health Organization estimates that both of those viruses caused between 1 and 4 million deaths globally. Neither of those had a lockdown.

Of course there wasn’t a lockdown in the 50s or 60s. In that time, people were still sane, and any person could have told you that no matter how bad the flu was, it would never be as bad as collapsing the entire economy.

In the UK, the government is now saying that 200,000 people are going to die as a result of closing down hospitals for coronavirus – hospitals that remained empty, because there was never any curve to flatten. The UK’s Oxfam is predicting mass global starvation as a result of the lockdown. Many will also die of malnutrition and other health related problems from this economic collapse. Then you have all of the inevitable deaths of despair from suicide and drugs, as people are unable to work, they lose their homes, their wives leave them, etc.

In fact, the BBC began talking about how the majority of the “Covid-19 deaths” would be from the lockdown itself all the way back in May, apparently to butter people up for the big shocker. They did not suggest that it might just have been better to not do the lockdown. The assumption is that for some reason we had to do the lockdown. That has just become non-negotiable, though without any explanation.

At a bare minimum, the death toll as a result of the lockdown will be ten times the death toll of the flu.

If you were to try to calculate “years of life lost,” things would be very much worse. This would be if you do calculations based on the fact that when a 77-year-old dies, he loses 1 year of life (the average lifespan in the US is 78), and when a 20-year-old dies, he loses 57 years of life. Here, you would end up in a situation where the cost of the lockdown is thousands of times the cost of the flu.

Beyond the deaths, you have the massive human suffering. Just look around you at the people’s lives that have been destroyed already. The people who have lost their businesses. The marriages that are falling apart. American antidepressant use increased 21% between February and March, and we don’t have the numbers of how much it’s increased since then. This should be taken into account. This “we will destroy everything to save the life of one nursing home resident” ideology is utterly unhinged. Most old people would not want young people to throw themselves into a life of terrible pain and suffering so that they could live another six months at the nursing home.

Even as no one actually denies that more people will die from the lockdown than the virus, we are continuing with the lockdown anyway, and ramping up for another big shutdown. Some places are already entering a “second lockdown,” and Americans, and Westerners generally, seem to accept that this is just a fact of life.

People are extremely damaged by all of this. Most are barely holding it together. Some are not holding it together. More and more, we are going to begin to see people losing their grip. We understand now that this was the point. All of this has been a ritual process of breaking people down emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, leaving them as shells. Locking people inside, forcing them to stand apart, making them wear masks, disallowing them from touching one another, keeping them in a constant state of fear and confusion, releasing the blacks to riot, berating whites as evil for the way they were born – it is a systematic crushing of human souls.

We do not know for certain where this is all going, but we do have an idea. It is now indisputable that the lockdown was a planned act, a hoax foisted upon the public to pave the way for drastic social changes. The first wave of these changes has rolled in on the back of the black lives matter movement. There will be more waves of change and if Joe Biden wins the election in November, the pace will accelerate rapidly.

Simply, we appear to be entering into a kind of communism, where a totalitarian government will force a tyrannical “social justice” regime on the population. The goal appears to be to exterminate white people and Christianity.

It’s really going to be hell.