NZ: Brutal Cunt Designates Brenton Tarrant a “Terrorist Entity” So People Can’t Fill His Commissary

After expert scientists discovered that coronavirus is transmissible to horses, Jacinda Ardern issued a decree saying Jacinda Ardern has to wear a mask all the time.

Jacinda Ardern is a nasty, vicious cunt and the corporeal embodiment of evil.

Her entire international persona – and probably her domestic one as well – is based on responding with vicious hatred to Brenton Tarrant after he cleared out an imminent threat to the public safety by removing gangs of terrorists from two mosques, and completely collapsing her country’s economy in the name of the coronavirus hoax.

If civilization survives through the next decade, this bitch is going to be on the cover of text books about the collapse of Western civilization.

Every single chance this bitch gets to grandstand about how moral she is, she takes it, totally without any form of shame. If you are a man, you will never be able to grasp this concept.

He’s already in prison for life, so designating him as an entity basically just means you can’t send him money for cigarettes from the prison store.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has designated the Christchurch mosque shooter a terrorist entity.

Brenton Tarrant, the gunman who killed 51 worshippers at two Christchurch mosques on March 15, 2019, was last week jailed for life without the opportunity for parole.

“Designating the offender is an important demonstration of New Zealand’s condemnation of terrorism and violent extremism in all forms,” Ardern said.

Except in the Islamic form, because the mosque he shot up was literally training terrorists.

The designation freezes the assets of terrorist entities and makes it a criminal offence to participate in or support the activities of the designated terrorist entity.

The statement of case to designate the gunman as a terrorist entity under the Terrorism Suppression Act (TSA) sets out his background, history and links to other groups.

The prime minister has the power under the TSA to designate individuals or groups as terrorist entities.

The report says the gunman was known to have travelled extensively. He visited sites ideologically significant to some extremist groups, and he later wrote the names of many sites he visited on his weapons and material.

“While [the gunman] has claimed he was motivated to act by the death of Ebba Akerlund in 2017, the ‘Islamisation’ of France, and the electoral failure of the French National Front, the truth of these claims is uncertain.

“However, in his manifesto, [the terrorist] exhibited racist, authoritarian, anti-immigrant and white nationalist views.”

What does that mean? They don’t believe that he was actually motivated by his stated motivation?

Taking revenge for Ebba Akerlund is not exactly unreasonable, is it?

And surely, the entity must be unreasonable – otherwise, he wouldn’t be an entity, I suppose.

This was an 11-year-old, sweet little girl who was ripped in half by an Islamic Peace Truck™. Her detached legs were strewn across the asphalt.

Ebba was on her way home from school to meet her mother and the last thing she did in her life before getting run over by a truck was text her mother and ask if they could get ice cream.

When I first saw that little girl’s face and read the thing about the ice cream, I just about lost it and if you didn’t you have something wrong with you.

She didn’t get years’ worth of news coverage. When she died, CNN didn’t run a single story about her. No one even knows who “Rakhmat Akilov” is. He got what is effectively a ten-year prison sentence.

Ebba’s face should haunt every single individual who ever said a single word against Saint Brenton.

Brenton acted as God’s Hammer of Vengeance, and is above reproach.

The brutal Kiwi Cunt is the embodiment of Satan herself.

Just look at her – she looks like she just crawled up out of a festering swamp!

If you support Jacinda Ardern over Brenton Tarrant, then you are the reason that Ebba was mutilated with all of her guts sprawled across the asphalt instead of eating ice cream with her mom.

Look at the rest of this bullshit about “entities.”

Ardern said the designation, which she made right after he was sentenced, was a “very significant decision” in New Zealand history and law.

“This is the first time that we have designated an individual as a terrorist in this way.

“It means that we can, essentially, crackdown on anyone who financially, for instance, may support the March 15 offender.”

Most entities that were captured by these designations at the moment were off-shore, she said.

“That’s to make sure that we’re upholding our international duties, that we’re ensuring that we don’t become a place where an entity can operate or gain any financial favour.

“Here, we are being very clear that we won’t simply stick to someone having to be an entity or a political organisation that acts in this way. We will designate individuals as well, and individuals of that nature [far right, white supremacist].”

This is stupid. Calling a person an entity is dumb.

Brenton Tarrant should replace Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Do you know that these animals continue to vandalize Ebba’s grave? They smashed the headstone and stole things that people had left for her?

Did you know that?

I doubt you did know that.

But you know that Brenton Tarrant is an entity by decree of Virus Queen Islamo-Entity.

That’s right – I’m designating this bitch an Islamo-Entity. I have that right as publisher of the Daily Stormer.

Look at this shit:

Everyone in our entire society deserves to go to Hell for what we’ve allowed to happen to our children.