NYT’s Nicholas Kristof Figures Out That Obsessive Hate Coverage of Trump is a Bad Strat

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

Despite appearances, Nicholas Kristof isn’t Jewish (he’s Armenian).

So maybe that’s why he’s capable of a little bit of self-reflection.


Nicholas Kristof, a prominent columnist for the New York Times, has warned that the media’s obsessive focus on President Donald Trump means they are failing to cover other important stories.

Kristof lamented the “all Trump, all the time” nature of the US media since Trump took office. “We have to acknowledge that there is so much more happening in the world than Donald Trump,” he told CNN host Brian Stelter.

The inevitable result, Kristof said, is that the media risks not covering “a lot of really important things at home and around the world.” Kristof said that while many media figures complain that Trump isn’t paying attention to important global issues, the same criticism could be levelled at them.

Stelter appeared to agree with Kristof and said the common criticism of the US media being too focused on domestic politics seemed to be even more true with Trump in office than it has been before, because Trump “sucks up all the oxygen.”

Kristof also said there was a “crisis” in American journalism and that the “old business model” had been collapsing. In a way, Kristof said, obsessive Trump coverage was acting as a bad “solution” to that crisis.

“As long as we have cameras focused on him [Trump], then audiences will follow,” he said.

The interview followed a piece he wrote earlier this month, “Our Trump Addiction.”

He isn’t really concerned about other stories.

He is just as anti-Trump as any kike at the NYT or any other Jew media publication.

But he is looking at data. And data shows that the media is increasingly losing public support as it continues it’s holy jihad against Trump. People are losing trust, due to the ridiculousness of the obsession, and exactly zero new people are beginning to turn against Trump because they saw another 75 anti-Trump stories in the media on any given day. In fact, Trump’s approval rating is very high.

People are also getting bored. And there is an alternative media that continues to rise. Along with social media.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker has cited high ratings to justify his Trump jihad, but the fact is that people are simply consuming huge amounts of news media generally because of everything that is happening in the world (and the increased technology to allow for media consumption). Despite the fact that CNN may have higher ratings now than they did a couple years ago, they have a smaller overall percentage of total consumed newsmedia. That’s without mentioning that their ratings are still nowhere near those of Fox News, which is not only pro-Trump but also more diverse in it’s coverage of various topics.

On top of that, the jihad is increasingly being viewed as a witch hunt by more and more people. More than half the country thinks the Mueller probe – which was a product of the media campaign against Trump, more than anything else – is politically motivated.

And Americans care about fairness. So they look at this and they’re like “yeah, Trump isn’t getting much done, but the reason he’s not getting much done is because these people are purposefully preventing him from doing anything – even things that we all pretty much agree on.” And that particular perception is going to hurt Democrats in the mid-terms.

So, don’t mistake this for “journalistic integrity.” That doesn’t exist anymore – if it ever even did.

But it is smart.

However, I do not expect his Jewish colleagues to listen to this advice.

The Jew is a womanly creature, and it presently has a womanlike obsessive fixation on Trump. And it cannot help itself.