NYT’s New Crusade is Kookiest Thing So Far: Tech Moguls Lynched for Flirting with Adult Females

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2017

The Jews have no doubt come up with some kooky nonsense.

For instance:

  • Six million Jews being gassed to death in fake shower rooms and turned into furniture and cleaning products
  • “Race is a social construct”
  • Saddam Hussein is going to nuke America
  • The gender pay gap
  • Global warming
  • 81 IQ illiterate Afghanis will pay the pensions of old Germans by working in the tech industry
  • Trump told Putin to do Wikileaks

But this latest thing is, I believe, the absolute kookiest thing yet.

Get this: they published a major piece on women claiming that tech moguls “sexually harassed” them by complimenting or flirting with them.

The author?

Jintao Tomaziku.

No wait – sorry.

Her name is Katie Benner.

Benner is either her father’s name or the adoptive parent’s name.

Just want you to know who put their name on this thing, before we get started. Of course, the New York Times is a fake news factory. The short stories are plotted by a team of Jewish editors, and then filled in by whoever (usually also Jews).

There is some evidence that the Jews are implementing an element of crypsis right now, and putting names of non-Jews on these super-kike stories.

Due to the levels of goyim knowing, which have gone into overload as of late.

Benner is probably a pure chink adopted by Jews.

That pasty ugly scarface skin is common among hapas, but the lack of eyelids indicates she is almost certainly not half Caucasoid.

The witch hunt started 12 hours ago at time of writing. We are now well into the most insane scene in the billions of years of this planet’s existence.

Here’s her Twitter:

I will include the Twitters of everyone else involved in this. The saga is ongoing, as I write, and will be for a while. I believe very strongly that you should all make yourselves a part of this discussion. That is to say – defend all of these men (this isn’t about whether they are cucks or whatever – that is completely irrelevant here, as this is not an attack on individuals, it is an attack on the very core of male identity), call the women stupid childless whores, and blame the whole thing on the Jews responsible.

Please note that the NYT did not start this story, per se. It began about a week ago, with smaller publications. Obviously, this was an organized operation, using one of the email lists that we found out about during #Gamergate (for those who don’t recall: all gaming journalists from all of the industry publications were on an email list together, conspiring to push certain agendas; it is now taken for granted that all media uses these – the day before the MILO “pedophile” scandal blew up, someone posted on /pol/ that it was going to happen, citing an email list). The NYT however has decided to take the reins here, and blow this up.

And there is going to be blowback.

I personally would bet money that if this email list ever gets leaked, it was editors from the Times that put this together while other outlets made the pass for the three pointer.

Right in the middle of their darkest hour, the Times has just triggered a solar collapse that will likely suck their headquarters into a black hole before I’m able to purchase it.

Daily Mail:

Five Silicon Valley tech investors have been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women in the technology start-up industry.

Ten female entrepreneurs came forward and told the New York Times of the harassment allegations this week.

They specifically named five investors or advisers who had allegedly targeted them with sexist comments, touched them without permission or sent inappropriate messages or emails over the years.

Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Chris Sacca of Lowercase Capital, Justin Caldbeck of Binary Capital, Marc Canter of Macromedia and investor Jose De Dios were all accused by the women of some form of sexual harassment.

McClure, who is a founder of 500 Startups and an investor, is accused of sending 31-year-old Sarah Kunst a Facebook message in 2014 when she was discussing a potential job with him.

Dave McClure (@davemcclure)

Sarah Kunst (@sarahkunst)

‘I was getting confused figuring out whether to hire you or hit on you,’ the message read. Kunst told The Times that she denied McClure’s advances.

500 Startups has since said McClure, who has not commented publicly, is no longer in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations following the allegations.

Victim #1: Fired for flirty text 3 years ago.

‘After being made aware of instances of Dave having inappropriate behavior with women in the tech community, we have been making changes internally,’ the company said.

‘He recognizes he has made mistakes and has been going through counseling to work on addressing changes in his previous unacceptable behavior.’


He’s being sent to counseling, because 3 years ago, he allegedly sent a Negress a flirty text message.

I didn’t make this up. This is actually happening. In real life.

Another woman, Susan Wu, claimed that Chris Sacca – who founded Lowercase Capital in 2007 – had made her feel uncomfortable when he allegedly touched her face without permission at a tech event in Las Vegas in 2009.

Chris Sacca (@Sacca)

Susan Wu (@sw)

Sacca helped fund companies like Uber and Twitter, and has made appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank. He issued a public apology on Thursday for his bad behavior toward women in tech.

Victim #2: Publicly apologizes for touching a woman’s face 8 years ago.

‘By stupidly perpetuating a culture rife with busting chops, teasing and peer pressure to go out drinking, I made some women feel self-conscious, anxious and fear they might not be taken seriously,’ Sacca wrote in a blog post.

Caldbeck has been accused by multiple women of making unwanted advances towards them. Tech news website The Information reported earlier this week that Caldbeck had been accused of preying on females in the industry at three separate venture firms over the past seven years.

Notice: Women are strong and empowered, but they are also weak little creatures that can be “preyed on” by vicious white males.

One woman, Lindsay Meyer, told The Times that Caldbeck invested $25,000 of his own money into her fitness startup in 2015. She claims he then proceeded to text her constantly and asked if she was attracted to him. Meyer also claims Caldbeck groped and kissed her.

This is the most absurd one. Caldbeck is Aryan Superman 100% Pure Bavarian Phenotype over 9000.

Justin Caldbeck (@caldbeckj)

Lindsay Meyer (@lindsaymeyer)

And another gookess with a common Jewish surname.


Caldbeck is now taking an indefinite leave of absence from Binary Capital, which he co-founded, following the allegations of unwanted advances.

Victim #3: Fired for allegedly kissing a girl with approximately 3% of his own sexual marketplace value 2 years ago.

‘The past 24 hours have been the darkest of my life. I have made many mistakes over the course of my career, some of which were brought to light this week. To say I’m sorry about my behavior is a categorical understatement. Still, I need to say it: I am so, so sorry,’ he said in a statement published on Axioslast week.

‘I direct my apology first to those women who I’ve made feel uncomfortable in any way, at any time – but also to the greater tech ecosystem, a community that I have utterly failed.’

Caldbeck’s previous employer, Lightspeed, also issued a statement on Twitter after receiving complaints from women.

‘Justin’s behavior as described in recent reporting is completely unacceptable. We received a complaint regarding Justin from a portfolio company during his time at Lightspeed.

‘In response, we removed him as a board observer at the request of that company. In light of what we have learned since, we regret we did not take stronger action. It is clear now that we should have done more.’

Wendy Dent claims she was sent flirty text messages by Marc Canter – the founder of Macromedia – when she was trying to start her own tech company in 2014.

Marc Canter (@marccanter4real)

Wendy Dent (@WendyDent)

He allegedly wrote in one message that she was a ‘sorceress casting a spell’ and commented on how she looked wearing a blue dress saying: ‘Know what I’m thinking? Why am I sending you this – in private?’

Canter said the woman ‘came on strong to me, asking for help’ and that he behaved that way to make her go away. The start-up adviser has since taken to Twitter accusing the woman of lying and attacking him.

Victim #4: Fighting off allegations that he complimented a woman

An investor named Jose De Dios is accused of making an inappropriate comment to Lisa Curtis after she pitched her start-up idea at a competition in San Francisco in 2014.

‘Of course you won. You’re a total babe,’ he is alleged to have said when Curtis came off the stage.

Jose De Dios

Lisa Curtis (@lisacurtis)

De Dios has flat out denied the allegation, saying he ‘unequivocally did not make a defamatory remark.’

Victim #5: Fighting off allegations that he complimented a woman

You may wish to read the entire article. It goes further than the individuals involved, outlining a “rampant culture of sexual harassment” in the tech industry.

It’s very generic. The individuals themselves could be switched out for any other individual. That is pretty much the point – all normal men engage in flirting behavior with women, so all men are down by law, because flirting is oppression.

There was No Way This Could Have Not Happened

This is an absolute crucifixion. But it was bound to happen, simply because it had to happen. This new culture that has been created is one where power is derived from victimhood. This allows the weak and the pathetic to tear down the great and the good by mere virtue of the fact that they are weak and pathetic.

Tearing down these tech moguls is like tearing down Confederate monuments. White men with power are a relic of the past, to be tossed in the dustbin of history.

There is no requirement that any of this makes logical sense, because the foundations of this new society are not based on logic. The levels of insanity increase like the velocity of a free falling object.

What is incredible is the way they have organized it. Or rather, that should be incredible to anyone who still believes the “journalism” racket is anything other than a Jewish conspiracy to destroy white western civilization in its entirety.

This is not simply an attack on individual men, and it isn’t simply an attack on the tech industry. It is an attack on masculinity itself.

What they are claiming in each of these cases – is that basic, natural male biology is evil, and that it has to be wiped out.

They are also making the statement – almost explicitly – that their achievements do not matter, that the only thing that matters is that they are male, and that they are wrong because of this.

The Entire Tech Industry has Just Been Put on Notice

The tech sector was one of the last true arenas dominated by white masculinity left on the planet.

In the Alt-Right we do love imagery of Frazetta’s Conan, Bane and Vladimir Putin shirtless on horseback.

Physical domination and the ability to force your will on others is absolutely the idealized form of white masculinity, but the core concept is something more profound: the core of white masculinity is the ability to compete and achieve based on merit.

The degree to which the tech industry still is merit-based is not relevant. The “last bastion of white masculinity” is what it is perceived to be by Jews, women and other minorities. And for that reason, they feel they must lash out against it.

Outlawing Male Biology – Selectively

What we are talking about here is the most basic human biology.

The way human mating works – at least among non-Africans – is that the male demonstrates himself to the female and she chooses whether to have sex with him or not. Assuming that neither party is in a committed relationship, this is a no harm no foul situation.

I feel that it is so insane to have to say this that I am personally degraded by doing so, but I must say it: nothing is lost or gained if a man flirts with a woman and she doesn’t like him so she rejects the flirtations. Women and men, in this age without stable marriages, often spend most of their post-pubescent lives doing this.

The argument being made here is both that women are exactly equal to men and can compete in the extremely competitive and testosterone-driven tech industry while also being weak little feathers who can’t defend themselves against a man sending them a flirty text or giving them a compliment.

Anyway: there is no argument being made here other than “wow just wow,” so trying to give some comprehensive counterargument is simply degrading.

The story is that this is a story, and that story is that the Jews are tearing down the last bastion of white masculinity in the Western world.

Meanwhile, in Sweden…

Get Involved and Tell These People What You Think

Make your voices heard to these people and keep on it.


I don’t think it is mere wishful thinking to suppose that this is going too far, and that there will be a real backlash.

The New York Times making themselves the center of this saga is comical.

What you are witnessing now, everywhere, is Jews freaking out and overplaying their hand.

This is not so much a result of Donald Trump as it is a result of what Donald Trump is a result of: us.







We have woken up from our slumber and there is a very big snake inside of our home.

We are now going to remove it.