NYT: Vaccine Card is the “New VIP Ticket” as They Endorse Vaxx Apartheid


I didn’t get a chance to write about it over the weekend, but I wanted to note that on Saturday, the New York Times had a big front page article about how they are building an apartheid system based on “vaccination status.”

New York Times:

At Fort Bragg, soldiers who have gotten their coronavirus vaccines can go to a gym where no masks are required, with no limits on who can work out together. Treadmills are on and zipping, unlike those in 13 other gyms where unvaccinated troops can’t use the machines, everyone must mask up and restrictions remain on how many can bench-press at one time.

Inside Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, where lines not long ago snaked for miles with people seeking coronavirus vaccines, a special seating area allows those who are fully inoculated to enjoy games side by side with other fans.

When Bill Duggan reopens Madam’s Organ, his legendary blues bar in Washington, D.C., people will not be allowed in to work, drink or play music unless they can prove they have had their shots. “I have a saxophone player who is among the best in the world. He was in the other day, and I said, ‘Walter, take a good look around because you’re not walking in here again unless you get vaccinated.’”

Evite and Paperless Post are seeing a big increase in hosts requesting that their guests be vaccinated.

As the United States nudges against the soft ceiling of those who will willingly take the vaccine, governments, businesses and schools have been extending carrots — actually doughnuts, beers and cheesecake — to prod laggards along. Some have even offered cold hard cash: In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine this week went so far as to say that the state would give five vaccinated people $1 million each as part of a weekly lottery program.

On Thursday, federal health officials offered the ultimate incentive for many when they advised that fully vaccinated Americans may stop wearing masks.

Now, private employers, restaurants and entertainment venues are looking for ways to make those who are vaccinated feel like VIPs, both to protect workers and guests, and to possibly entice those not yet on board.

It’s a long article containing all kinds of bizarre language.

This is political and social discrimination that is not only allowed by the Biden Government but is actually being aggressively encouraged and incentivized by it.

What they’re doing is obviously illegal, and it is obviously apartheid. But it doesn’t matter anymore.

This is what lawlessness gets you: it gets you lawlessness.

Giving people back some of their rights and calling it “VIP” is really crazy.

Just remember: this is only a vaxx strategy.

No one is actually going to get their rights back.

You get the vaxx, you’ve sold your soul to Satan, you end up with nothing.