NYT: US Soldiers Enlist to Die for Israel, Not Defend Our Borders

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2018

This cartoon is on the New York Times website.

I literally can’t even.

These kikes are hitting levels of self-delusion that shouldn’t even be possible.

They think actual servicemen are enlisting in order to fight “in the Middle East?” Which is to say, in order to fight for Israel? And that they’d be frustrated at being asked to actually defend America’s borders?

This is so insane that I don’t even know how to process this.

We need to unpack the assumptions here.

  • The fundamental purpose of the American military is to fight for Israel.
  • National defense is not part of its mandate.
  • Soldiers are only interested in fighting Israel’s enemies – not defending America.
  • This is a popular agenda, unlike Trump’s desire to secure our borders.

This is wrong and delusional on every level. The fact that the NYT would run something so embarrassingly out of touch with reality really goes to show how far they’ve fallen.

The comments are savage.

Even this Jew is getting in on the action, lol:

As well as Blacks:

Basically, no one except Jews would empathize with this sentiment. Liberals are pissed because they oppose invading other countries full of brown people, while patriots are pissed because they actually care about protecting America.

These media kikes are completely disconnected from normal people, and their propaganda no longer speaks to anyone but the most unhinged and irrational extremists.

And then they wonder why they got kicked out of countries 360 times.