NYT Stands by Anti-White Gook Lesbian “Reporter” (Who Allegedly Fucked Infamous Neon-Nazi “Weev”)

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2018

You kids have it lucky these days. The media has gotten so deranged and anti-White that it’s easy to see the double-standard and the anti-White animus nowadays.

But way back in the BT (Before Trump) ages, we had a much harder time proving it.

This shit just writes itself now though. You have to be blind not to see the anti-White bias. Willingly blind perhaps.


The New York Times has stood by its decision to hire Sarah Jeong, a tech journalist with a record of using racist slur on social media, justifying it as ‘anti-harassment’ speech.

It’s so Orwellian I can’t even.

When we stick up for ourselves, it’s HATE SPEECH. But when they attack Whites, it’s…antiharassment speech.

Lol. That’s pretty dark actually when you think about it lmao.

Conservatives accused the newspaper of bias.

The US newspaper of record announced Wednesday it hired Jeong to join its editorial board. The decision triggered a storm on the social media, as users and outlets on the conservative side of the political spectrum cited the Asian-American reporter’s string of insulting tweets directed at white people. 

And damn, this bitch really hates White people.

And the whole anti-racism thing was never about combating racism.

We’re all starting to figure it out slowly now though.

It was always about destroying whitey.

Critics pointed out that any white person using the same language to describe another ethnic group would have lost his career – and did, as was the case with Roseanne Barr, whose rebooted TV show was cancelled over a racist tweet she posted. According to some commenters, the fact that The Times hired Jeong proved that liberals were perfectly fine with racism as long as it targeted white people.

I-I-is RT wising up to the White Genocide agenda??

And wait, what is this?

Still more rank hypocrisy:

In February, the Times hired another female essayist and journalist covering tech news as a contributor to editorial page. But unlike Jeong, Quinn Norton was fired shortly afterwards, after her history of controversial statements on social media as well as friendship with white supremacist Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer were brought to light. 

Responding to criticism, Norton argued that her online profile was a “doppelganger” of herself and defended her relationship Auernheimer, saying confronting terrible friends in an attempt to change them was the right thing to do, as opposed to denouncing them.

Joeng is also alleged to have fucked weev, but there will be no consequences for her.

All roads lead back to the Daily Stormer

So Norton got fired, the gook stays.

Both are alleged to have fucked an infamous neon-nazi.

I guess the gook stays because gook privilege? I don’t get the difference.

Maybe it’s because dems r real racists, and a white woman ostensibly had the agency to resist weev’s neon-charm, while the submissive gook bitch was caught up in “big white penis, me love you long time Nazi hacker man, me love sucky-sucky your neon wang.”

The Buzzfeed Jew blogger “Blockhead Joe” Bernstein is unhappy with the choice of the NYT (a paper he will never work at) on this matter.

The man himself has released a statement on the matter, declaring he values his friendship with this precious submissive oriental sex doll (“slant-eyed fucktoy” may be the more politically correct way to say that – I have a hard time keeping up.)

Which is bringing up some interesting questions…

She’s probably got herself a pretty bad scandal here.

If this falls through, she’s welcome to come work at the Daily Stormer. Not as a writer mind you, but just to hang out in the lobby and give blowjobs to staff members who are on coffee break.