NYT Says Anti-Vaxx Hospital Workers are “Unlikely” Anti-Vaxxers


As I said from the beginning, the people most likely to be against the vaccine are the people who know the most about it.

Early on in this hoax when China released their placebo vaxx, doctors and nurses were refusing at something like 80%.

Since then, the medical professions have resisted more than any other group of people outside of QAnon followers and anti-Semites.

New York Times:

Their movement started discreetly, just a handful of people communicating on encrypted apps like WhatsApp and Signal. But in just days it had ballooned tenfold. And within two weeks, it had turned into a full-blown public protest, with people waving picket signs to denounce efforts to push them to receive coronavirus vaccines.

But these were not just any vaccine resisters. They were nurses, medical technicians, infection control officers and other staff who work at a hospital in Staten Island, which has the highest rate of Covid-19 infection of any borough in New York City.

Outside Staten Island University Hospital this week, as passing cars and fire trucks honked supportively, employees chanted, “I am not a lab rat!”

The aggressive opposition to the vaccine, and even regular testing, at a hospital in New York City — the epidemic’s onetime epicenter — shows the challenges of reaching the unvaccinated when some of the very people who could serve as role models refuse vaccination.

Some medical workers at the Staten Island hospital are so fiercely opposed that they call themselves “The Resistance” after the rebel faction in “Star Wars.” They are defending what they view as their inherent rights, and their leader is gathering hospital workers from other states in an attempt to create a nationwide movement.

Scientists and medical professionals point out that those who refuse vaccines are potentially endangering the lives of patients. “Vaccinations are critical to protect our patients, our staff and protect the general community,” said Dr. Mark Jarrett, chief medical officer at Northwell Health, which is the state’s largest health care provider and runs Staten Island University Hospital. “It’s a tough issue, but it’s our professional obligation to always maintain that whatever we do, it’s for the safety of our patients.”

How are they going to endanger their patients by not being vaxxed if the vaxx now admittedly doesn’t prevent transmission of the disease, but only supposedly prevents serious illness?

Just think that through: according to them, a vaxxed person can get infected and transmit the disease, while having no symptoms, just the same as an unvaxxed person.

So how does being vaxxed protect other people?

We’re once again back to this question of why a person shouldn’t be allowed to decide for himself whether or not he wants to take the risk of getting the alleged virus, or take the risk of getting the alleged vaccine. It’s admitted now that the vaccine is much more dangerous than the supposed virus, in their own data, at least for people under the age of 65.

These people are just trying to bury the population under mounds of gibberish.

The narrative is that anyone who is against the vaxx is a moron who got brainwashed by reading some fake information on the internet. So I guess if that’s your basic assumption, then you would be surprised by doctors and nurses refusing.

You’d think it was just a Walmart thing.

But I mean – Anthony Fauci said that 40-50% of his own employees were refusing.

They’ve also done studies showing that anti-vaxxers in general are much better educated on the virus and vaxx in terms of the data.


Most people are not even aware that the vaxx is a completely new kind of vaxx, which manipulates genetics. They think it’s the same as the old style of vaccines, and don’t know that the CDC and WHO literally changed the definition of the word “vaccine.”

Even Merriam-Webster Dictionary changed the definition.