NYT: Niggers Wearing Dresses is “The New Masculinity”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2018

Gay niggers are the new chads.

Back when White males were still all manly chads, Jews worked to undermine their masculinity by force-meming Blacks as being the most virile race. They promoted Blacks as being tough, competent and sexually superior in movies and TV shows.

Yes, we remember, Shlomo.

Of course, none of that was true in any way. Blacks are feminine as hell, constantly throwing tamper tantrums, being obsessed with clothes and jewelry and generally being in awe of strength and authority, just like women.

But as the Jew’s campaign to change social norms and demonize masculinity picks up steam, I guess they need to switch around their portrayal of Blacks in order to keep them socially acceptable and still “superior” to White men. You wouldn’t want Blacks being accused of “toxic masculinity,” would you?

So now they’re going to start pushing Blacks as the ideal “nu-male” soyboys, more sensitive and “in touch” with their feminine side than “toxic” White males.

Such sensitive, so homosexuality, wow.

New York Times:

To cut themselves free of the gender norms fed to them since birth, young South Africans aren’t using sharp edges but rather soft fabrics and turns of phrase. Their fashion and styling choices, as well as the words they use to describe their own bodies, challenge essentialism and the notion that any of our outward characteristics are fixed.

These young South Africans, most visible in urban centers like Cape Town, are playful in the ways they present themselves to the world. They eschew European designer labels manufactured for consumerism in favor of local designers, many of whom have caught the spirit of the moment.

That Cape Town, known as the “Mother City,” has become a front in the war on Western gender roles is somewhat fitting. It’s where the Dutch and, later, the British began their colonization of South Africa in earnest.

Right, so we’ve gone from “traditional gender roles” to “Western gender roles.” Implying that men not being complete faggots is somehow unique to the West.

Though to be fair, Africans might be the exception to the rule, lol.

But it really shows how they’re trying to redirect the homo agenda to be about how White people are evil, rather than being about men in general being the problem.

Indigenous populations and enslaved people, brought to the city in chains by the Dutch East India Company from as far away as modern-day Indonesia, were stripped not only of their lands, but also their cultural identities. They were robbed — as part of Europe’s so-called civilizing mission — of their history, of how their ancestors distinguished and expressed themselves through style.

Dressing has long been a critical lens for identifying differences across and within cultures. European colonialists in southern Africa used clothing as a boundary marker and an indicator of hierarchy. 

There we go.

The gay niggers are heroes for challenging “Western gender norms,” which are actually an extension of slavery and colonialism. The only way you can avoid being an evil racist is to be a flaming homo.

This is the new paradigm being pushed by NYT kikes.

And you know what? I like it.

Because the flip side is: the only way to be manly is to be a racist.

I’m not sure the Jews are prepared for that particular idea to spread about.