NYT is Outraged (Outraged, I Tell You) That China is Blaming the Kikes Responsible for Their Problems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

The US has done the exact kind of revolution we are seeing in Hong Kong in the Balkans, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, nearly every country in the Middle East and the Ukraine in the last few years.

Most recently, the US did this in Venezuela. And they were incredibly open about that – “we’re attempting to foment regime change” is what they were all saying on TV!

But the NYT wants us to believe that the Chinese are absolute lunatics for thinking they’re behind the EXACT SAME SITUATION of a bunch of Western-educated shills starting riots in Hong Kong.

These kikes want us to believe that it is pure coincidence that as soon as the US and the rest of the West started harassing China, all of a sudden a violent revolution broke out in Hong Kong – led exclusively by Western-educated shills!

Fake news is so bold these days that it borders on the totally incoherent.

New York Times:

A popular news anchor watched by hundreds of millions of Chinese poured scorn on the United States, using an obscenity to accuse it of sowing chaos. A prominent official blamed Washington directly for the antigovernment protests upending Hong Kong.

Pointed hostility toward America, voiced by Chinese officials and state-run news organizations under the control of an all-powerful propaganda department, has escalated in recent weeks in tandem with two of China’s big problems: a slowing economy complicated by trade tensions and turbulence in Hong Kong that has no end in sight.

“It is, after all, the work of the United States,” Hua Chunying, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said this week of the unrest in Hong Kong. Like other Chinese officials, she presented no evidence of American involvement in the demonstrations, which stem from worries over Beijing’s encroaching influence in the semiautonomous region.

The “evidence” is that every single leader of the protests was educated at a Western university and they’re using the exact same tactics used every other time the US has done these hoax revolutions!

That isn’t “evidence” – it’s proof!


This is hardly the first time China has responded to domestic problems with frontal assaults on outsiders. Thirty years ago, Washington was accused of fomenting the pro-democracy upheavals on Tiananmen Square.

But after decades of working together on economic, technological and even military matters, China and the United States are going through a breakdown in relations that has turned increasingly adversarial.

Now, a dramatic singling out of the United States as a bad actor is setting a new anti-American tone for a domestic audience that is worried about jobs and sees Hong Kong as an island of ungrateful citizens.

This is deliberate on the part of the Chinese government, analysts said.

“Hong Kong is part of the bigger playbook to blame the United States for everything,” said Ho-fung Hung, a professor of international relations at Johns Hopkins University. “The Chinese government knows the Trump administration is not popular in the United States or in China, so it’s an easy scapegoat.

A scapegoat!

My sides!

Don’t tell me another one, Ho-fung Hung, or they’ll go orbital!

After trade talks with the United States broke down in May, China was relatively polite toward Washington as the two sides considered their next steps. When Hong Kong protesters began marching regularly in June, drawing crowds that organizers estimated at up to two million, the Chinese state news media made scant mention of it.

But now the gloves are off, with American and Chinese negotiators making little progress at talks in Shanghai this week. Just on Thursday, President Trump escalated the trade war, saying he would impose tariffs on an additional $300 billion worth of Chinese imports.

Yeah, that’s because a trade war can be a polite thing.

Chinese people understand that renegotiating trade, while it might be bad for their economy in the short run, is something that Trump is doing to try to benefit his country, and understand that though they might not like it, it is fair enough.

Staging a violent revolution and sending in explosives and guns into one of their cities however is not polite at all, and is in fact actual terrorism, war and lunacy.

What is so hard to understand, NYT? 

Beijing also does not appear to see an end to its differences with Washington over the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, which was blacklisted by the Trump administration as a security threat.

As the economic strains intensify, state news outlets are now depicting the demonstrations in Hong Kong as the work of Americans and other “foreign forces.”

In fact, Mr. Trump expressed respect for China’s sovereignty on Thursday, calling the protests “riots” when asked by reporters about the unrest. “Hong Kong is a part of China, they’ll have to deal with that themselves,” he said. “They don’t need advice.”

That’s probably because Orange Man is not the one fomenting this bizarre violent revolution. This is being done by the State Department, like it always is.

But Trump is far too incompetent to get control over his own government, so the only thing he can do is sit back and complain about it and give a tacit apology to China.

Also, the fact of reality is, this makes his trade war pretty much impossible, as it is now taking place in the context of a war situation. Starting a revolution in Hong Kong gave China a whole bunch of cards they otherwise would not have.

I would say “fucking fire Mike Pompeo, you big dumb orange goof.”

But I know that won’t do anything, because that fat fuck obviously can’t be fired, because Trump has zero control over his government.

One of the most remarkable anti-American eruptions came last week when Kang Hui, one of China’s most recognized television news anchors, attacked the United States on-air as a hegemon that bullied and threatened others.

“They stir up more troubles and crave the whole world to be in chaos, acting like a shit-stirring stick,” Mr. Kang said on the usually stolid 7 p.m. national news program on CCTV, China’s state broadcaster. The expletive quickly became one of the most-searched-for phrases on Chinese social media.

Tell me where the lie is, kikes?

Are you filthy rats actually going to claim that you haven’t done this across the entire fucking planet since like, the 1960s?

In a follow-up video on a CCTV social media account, Mr. Kang boasted about how he had taunted the United States.

“If a handful of Americans always stir up troubles, then we are sorry,” he intoned. “No more do we talk about certain issues. We will also target you. We will bash you till your faces are covered with mud. We will bash you till you are left speechless.”

This is what happens when you play stupid games.

Only the Jews responsible don’t care, because they won’t be the ones getting their faces bashed. The Jews care no more about the United States than a man at a brothel cares about a condom – to them, our nation is something they get inside of and use to fuck someone and then flush down the toilet after we are covered with fuck-juice.

China began dialing up the anti-American comments after a meeting in Washington last month between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Jimmy Lai, the publisher of Apple Daily, a pro-democracy newspaper in Hong Kong. A statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused senior United States officials of having “ulterior motives.”

So the NYT admits that the head of the US State Department – a morbidly obese Jew shill – is openly meeting with the leader of a violent revolutionary group. In the same article where they accuse the Chinese of being conspiracy theorists for saying the State Department is involved in this revolution.

It’s just almost impossible to process the nerve of these kikes.

Furthermore, imagine the Russiagate NYT accusing ANYONE of being a conspiracy theorist.

How is this even reality?

Seriously, is this real life?

At the same time, prominent Chinese figures have become more public in their criticism of the Hong Kong protests, and more outlandish in their claims.

CCTV is now regularly showing video of clashes between protesters and the police that suggest Hong Kong is in the throes of permanent rebellion. Chinese-backed news outlets in Hong Kong have published photographs of foreigners taken at or near the protests, including journalists, and accused them of being American government agents.

“Blaming the U.S. for the trouble in Hong Kong signals a deliberate policy decision rather than an instinctive reaction,” said Minxin Pei, a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College in California. “It is highly unlikely that the use of such shrill rhetoric has not received endorsement from the top leadership.”

Beyond the specific issues of Hong Kong and trade, Mr. Pei said, the Chinese government is trying to construct a “meganarrative” that portrays the United States as the “principal antagonist intent on not only thwarting China’s rise with the trade war but also fomenting trouble within Chinese borders.”


The CIA and Soros-type groups have been funding Christian cults and the Falun Gong cult for decades! For the purpose of trying to destabilize Chinese society! We know this for an absolute fact!

I literally can’t even.

There are still people who read the NYT and believe it.

This is all stuff you can just very easily google. But they can just lie about it, because it is politically correct to believe the lying Jewish New York Times over documented and objective facts.

It’s just so very frustrating to be here writing this, disproving everything they are saying, and yet knowing that my writing can’t be spread on Facebook or any other social media platform because I’m banned from everything for telling the truth.

We actually do live inside a complete matrix of lies.

With the NYT and the WaPo, all bets are off following Russiagate. They got away with that, and now they are simply writing fiction without even a pretext of trying to do something other than that.

It’s just disgusting.

At least they’ve sort of dropped the “peaceful protesters” label. 

They always do that though. First they call violent rioters who are stockpiling weapons and throwing white powder on cops “peaceful protesters,” then they start saying the violence is actually justified. I remember Obama calling a literal terrorist army in Libya “peaceful protesters.” And they did the same thing with the terrorists in the Ukraine and everywhere else.

It just really gets to me, this level of pure hoaxing for the explicit purpose of pushing an evil Jewish globalist agenda.

I don’t mean to write so angrily.

But these lies, and the fact that the NYT and the rest of the lying Jewish media were the main force behind silencing my website and making it so hard for people to find this information, just drives me nuts.

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