NYT: Cats are Spreading Disinformation

The New York Times – which is run by the Jews – is now officially claiming that cat memes are dangerous to our democracy.

Disinformers are luring people in with cat memes and then disinforming them.

Ultimately, due to the way they’ve designed this “disinformation” narrative, the only way to prevent “disinformation” is for anyone not working directly for the government to be silenced.

Someone should have stood up against this. It was one thing to do political censorship against me. I was never accused of “disinformation,” by the way. I would be accused of that now, because of my virus coverage, but in 2017 when I was censored from everywhere the claim was that I was just a really mean person and shouldn’t be allowed to speak because I’m so mean.

That was inexcusable on every level. There is nothing in the First Amendment that says “but except if you’re really mean.”

However, “disinformation” censorship is much worse than anti-meanness censorship, as this is claiming outright that everything that the government says is necessarily true and that anyone who questions anything the government says has to be silenced.

Even if the government had been right about everything, that would still be untenable, but the government has been wrong about basically everything.

In a free society, you have to just let people read what they want to read, watch what they want to watch, and make their own decisions. With the NYT, WaPo, CNN, etc., the government has a massive machine pumping out its views on subjects. Anyone who wants to know the official government view on a topic doesn’t have a hard time finding it.

When they tell you that you don’t have any choice but to believe what the government says, because you’re not allowed to access information that disagrees with the government’s narrative, they’re not just doing political censorship, they’re doing mind control.

China is a completely different civilization than the Anglo-Saxon one or the general European one. They do not have a history of open debate or free speech, really at all. But in China, there is no law that you’re not allowed to post opinions that are different from those of the government. You’re not allowed to say “the government is bad and evil” (although a lot of people in China do that and nothing happens to them), but you’re allowed to say “I disagree with what the government is saying about this issue.”

America is now saying that you’re literally not allowed to disagree with the government’s position on anything. It’s “disinformation.”

And the *checks notes* the cat memes are the gateway to these unapproved views and opinions.