NYT Bestselling Author Denise McAllister Endorses Groypers’ Right to Ask Questions

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

We have another notable defection from Conservative, Inc.

Denise McAllister is a New York Times bestselling author who is the co-author of “Spygate” (with regular Fox News contributor Dan Bongino) and the author of an upcoming book (which looks very good) called “What Men Want to Say to Women (But Can’t).”

It’s notable that she was scorned by Meghan McCain’s husband when she was fired from the Federalist for responding to anti-heterosexual attacks by homosexuals. A lot of people who were thrown under the bus by these gatekeepers are going to be coming back in force, marching behind the frontlines of the Groyper Army.

Notice that McAllister, in her tweets defending the Groypers, just completely sidesteps the Jew thing and is basically like “yeah that’s whatever.” This is going to be the new standard attitude. This whole current paradigm of “be accused of anti-Semitism and you can never speak again” is ending. You are watching it end, in real time.

Calling Michelle Malkin an anti-Semitic Nazi and firing her will be remembered as the moment when that whole program went off the rails.

Just so you understand, Dan Bongino is a former Secret Service agent who is a major, recognizable pundit.

The book that McAllister co-authored with him, Spygate, was shilled ultra-hard on Fox News.

And not even just on Tucker Carlson.

The whole channel shilled it.

You might not have heard of her, but McAllister is an extremely mainstream, well-connected figure, who, like Michelle Malkin, is staking her whole career on saying “you should answer these questions.”

This is another major, major victory.

More defections are coming, because everyone see that the status quo cannot be maintained. And people know that the earlier they jump off the fail boat that is Conservative, Inc., the better shape their career is going to be in when the new order we are establishing emerges.