NYT Assures Us That Child Trannyism Isn’t the Biggest Event of Mass Child Abuse in Human History

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2019

So I guess this title is pretty straightforward.

The weird image is less straightforward, as I can’t tell if the boy is turning into a woman or an Apache war chief.

Though “trans Apache war chief” would obviously be too good to be true in current year.

If white goys were being socially rewarded by the entire establishment for “coming out” as Apache war chiefs and dressing up like them, I could actually go along with that. They might be scalping dudes instead of sucking their dicks.

The article, written by the tranny “Jennifer Finney Boylan” (James Boylan), just says everything you would expect it to say – “no, we are right, everyone who disagrees with us is wrong, this mass tranny transformation is not a result of the complex system of social rewards we’ve set up, it is in fact totally unrelated to that completely, it is a natural phenomenon.”

His son is also a tranny. By pure coincidence. Or maybe it’s not that big of a coincidence, since everyone is becoming a tranny now.

As a tranny with a tranny son, he is absolutely outraged that anyone could believe that it is even possible for a child or a teenager to do something for reasons of social pressure.

New York Times:

Unfortunately, what many other parents are receiving right now is not encouragement to find wisdom and understanding. What they are getting instead is a bogus new diagnosis — Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. The inventors of this spurious term claim that R.O.G.D. is not a real trans identity but the product of social pressure.

Abigail Shrier, writing in The Wall Street Journal, describes it as “social contagion.” She says that young people — many of them college-aged, and most of them born female-bodied — are embarking upon transition, with its surgeries and hormones and other accompanying challenges, in the same way a person might take up the ukulele.

Even the headline on that essay is an insult: “When Your Daughter Defies Biology.” An abundance of scientific research makes clear that gender variance is a fundamental truth of human biology, not some wacky dance craze.


Transgender people have not come up with the entirety of our existence solely to hurt Tucker Carlson’s feelings. We do not embark upon transition because it’s groovy. We are here because our hearts demand it.

R.O.G.D. is not a clinical term. It’s a political one, designed to undermine the validity of these young people’s transitions.

The term originated a few years ago on three blogs with a history of promoting anti-trans propaganda. There has been only one study on it, in the journal PLOS One. But the study isn’t about the children in question; it’s about their parents, who were recruited for the study by ads placed in the conservative blogs that had invented the concept of R.O.G.D. in the first place.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal piece in question.

So, let me explain what is going on here.

The conservatives at the WSJ have already surrendered on the argument that trannyism itself is a mental disorder. As soon as the left started demanding it, they just gave up and said “oh yes of course it’s perfectly scientific nature for someone to accidentally be born in the completely opposite body accidentally.”

We had an entire body of work on “gender identity disorder” as an established mental illness, which would have been a great point from which the conservatives could have argued, but instead they just didn’t.

So then the next logical thing happened, and the Jews selling this tranny program to the goyim started marketing it as a hip new lifestyle choice to the stupid goyim children, and offering a wealth of social rewards for anyone who chooses to embark on the strange adventure of dressing up like the opposite sex, injecting hormones and mutilating their genitals.

Unsurprisingly, many young people took them up on the offer.

The teenagers are influenced by the media and their peers (who are also influenced by the media).

The little kids are generally influenced by their mothers, who are influenced by the media.

A gigantic new industry emerged, giving injections and… elective surgeries… to these kids – big money, baby.

That fed into the other thing, and this has just spiraled out of control – tranny children everywhere.

But even the conservatives, seeing all these tranny children, were like “holy fuck this is totally satanic, someone has to address this issue.”

So having given up the initial ground of being able to claim that all trannyism is a mental disorder, they had to come up with a secondary mental disorder to explain the children.

So that is where the WSJ’s “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” emerged from. They argue that this is a different phenomenon from other trannies, which are “born that way” and refer to it as a “social contagion.”

And it’s true, of course. Trannies did exist before the media and the schools started pushing it, it was just fantastically uncommon. Growing up in Ohio, I never met a single one in my life, other than a black drug addict when I worked in a shitty part of town – and he actually claimed to have been a “hermaphrodite,” which is a legitimate medical condition involving deformed genitalia (I think he was probably lying about that and was just mentally ill, but he did claim that).

Now, 15 years later, they’re absolutely everywhere – and it is mostly young people. And yes, this is a result of social pressure.

However, if the conservatives never would have ceded their ground in the first place, they would not be in the situation of having to invent a totally new argument.

Do these bitches still not know about my slippery slope?

And look – I get that conservative media is flooded with Jews.

But that isn’t really an excuse for just totally cracking on your entire value system completely. It’s one thing if they’re a little misguided on complicated issues, but being like “yeah okay, gays, gay marriage, trannies, sure” and then finally saying “wait, all these kids transforming into trannies is too much” is absurd and inexcusable and the conservative movement is completely worthless.