NYT Analist Bruni Solidifies Stupid Jew Narrative on Bannon Bus-Throwinig

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2017

This doesn’t look suspicious at all, goyim…

So the Jews were successful in their complete takeover of the Trump administration. At least, on Sunday April 16, 2017 at 10:15 AM, it certainly appears that way.

I have asserted that this takeover was the result of an internal coup involving some kind of blackmail or threats. I believe this for a number of reasons, which I’ve explained, and which I won’t rehash here; the point is that the Jews have taken over, and all of the policies are changing at sonic speed.

The Jews are left trying to explain what and how this happened.

How did the Trump administration go from initially appointing a bunch of people who would fulfill all of his nationalistic campaign promises to getting rid of all those people and replacing them with registered Democrat globalist Jews?

Bannon, of course, is at the heart of this. He was the living symbol of Trumpism – much more so than Donald Trump himself. And he appears to be definitely on his way out.

Some of the Jews – such as WaPo’s Ruth Marcus and others have just claimed that Trump “came to his senses.” But there needs to be a deeper explanation for some of the people.

Frank Bruni

The New York Times has for decades set the narrative of the larger whole of the Jewish media. Long time and influential analist Frank Bruni is now setting a very childish narrative one the Bannon dismissal, but one which will convince a different crowd of people than the “he just came to his sense” bit.

“The media portrayed Bannon as powerful and controlling the situation, and Trump, with his massive ego, just couldn’t take it.”

You will now see the entire Jew media run with this narrative.

New York Times:

If you’re any student of politics, you saw Steve Bannon on the cover of Time magazine in early February — “The Great Manipulator,” it called him — and knew to start the countdown then.

Dead strategist walking.

He’d crossed the line that a politician’s advisers mustn’t, to a place and prominence where only the most foolish of them tread. Or at best he’d failed to prevent the media from tugging him there.

He was fine so long as he was a whisperer. On the campaign trail and on the Potomac, you can whisper all you want.

He was damned the moment he was cast as a puppeteer. That means there’s a puppet in the equation, and no politician is going to accept that designation, least of all one who stamps his name in gold on anything that stands still long enough to be stamped. Or whose debate performance included the repartee: “No puppet, no puppet. You’re the puppet.”

Nevermind that the entire media – including the media that initially supported Trump – is now claiming that he is a puppet of his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner.

That’s too obvious of a response to this explanation for the high-brow readers of the NYT.

Nevermind this picture being on the cover of every newspaper with headlines talking about how Kushner had taken control.

They like their subtlety.

This is about complex narcissistic psychological dynamics, surely, which cannot be dismissed with something so juvenile as “yeah but it’s the same thing with this Jew now though.”

Shades of gray and all that.

“I’m my own strategist,” the president told The New York Post early last week, and the message to Bannon couldn’t have been louder and clearer if it included a four-letter word.

Bannon is “a guy who works for me,” he said to The Wall Street Journal a day later, lumping the lumpy tactician together with the concierges at Trump Tower, the groundskeepers at Mar-a-Loco and the makers of the meatloaf in the White House kitchen.

Trump went so far as to suggest that he was barely acquainted with Bannon before August 2016, when Bannon joined his presidential campaign. Wrong. Trump had been a guest on the radio show that Bannon used to host nine times. But his rewrite of history was telling. Bannon needed to be erased because he was taking up too much space on the page.

“It’s important to remember that you’re always a supporting actor, never the star,” David Axelrod, one of Barack Obama’s closest campaign and White House advisers, told me. “And depending on who the star is, it’s even more important. Donald Trump’s self-image doesn’t really allow for co-stars.”

Here we bring in a prominent Jew to reinforce the narrative being presented.

Now we compare it to some situations we claim are similar.

George W. Bush’s self-image had slightly more allowance, but even so, nothing made Karl Rove’s stomach knot like the nickname — “Bush’s brain” — that a few journalists hung on him. It was both compliment and curse, and to interview him or any of Bush’s other top aides back in the day was to be pummeled with sentences that all started with the same subject, adjusted for whichever title Bush held at that point.

Donald Regan, Ronald Reagan’s second chief of staff, was forced to resign after just two tumultuous years, partly because he’d lost sight of his place, infuriating the first lady. In her memoir, “My Turn,” Nancy Reagan complained that he “often acted as if he were the president.”

Bannon is an amateur masker. While he didn’t give Time any quotes for its “manipulator” story and the photograph of him on the cover had been shot for a different reason three months earlier, he has spent plenty of time talking off the record with political reporters, too little of it actively tamping down his legend.

The article is long.

Many points to explain that the total Jew takeover of the Trump administration was nothing more than the result of a weird psychodrama.

He wasn’t vigilant enough about patrolling the way his allies inside and outside the administration deified him in their own murmurings to the media, which included the nugget that colleagues awed by his knowledge called him “the encyclopedia.” He didn’t grasp that you can’t be “the encyclopedia” if your president is barely a pamphlet, and didn’t see the traps that would have been obvious to a Washington insider.

He didn’t grapple with who Trump really is. Trump’s allegiances are fickle. His attention flits. His compass is popularity, not any fixed philosophy, certainly not the divisive brand of populism and nationalism that Bannon was trying to enforce. Bannon insisted on an ideology when Trump cares more about applause, and what generates it at a campaign rally isn’t what sustains it when you’re actually governing.

Bannon stupidly picked a fight with Jared Kushner that he was all but certain to lose, and not only because Kushner is kin. Consider Trump’s obsession with appearances, then tell me who has the advantage: the guy who looks like a flea market made flesh or the one who seems poised to pose for G.Q.?

Bannon is still on the job, and Trump may keep him there, because while he has been disruptive inside the White House, he could be pure nitroglycerin outside.He commands acolytes on the alt-right. He has the mouthpiece of Breitbart News. He has means for revenge. He also has a history of it.

But it’s hard to imagine how he ever again ascends to a status as lofty as the one he held; others have rushed into that airspace. SuperJared flies high. Gary Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council, is flapping his own wings.

The entire article was a lead up to that sentence: the administration has been taken over by Jews.

And “Trump’s got a new favorite Steve,” according to a headline in Politico on Thursday. The story below it charted the rising fortunes of Bannon’s deputy, Stephen Miller, who has been cozying up to Kushner and, according to Politico, complaining that “Bannon tried to take too much credit for Trump’s successes.”

Today’s Steve appreciates where yesterday’s went wrong. He understands that if you want to be the Svengali, you have to play the sycophant. That was a performance beyond Bannon’s ken. He never had a chance.

Is that what the difference is, Bruni?

Or is the difference that Miller is also Jewish?

Isn’t that the easier explanation here?

The US is 2% Jewish. Three of three new power figures in the Trump administration – that’s 100% – are Jews.

And we’re supposed to believe that this entire mess is because Bannon was on the cover of TIME and it bruised Trump’s ego?

Did this article run today next to a full page ad for the sale of the Brooklyn Bridge?

I am probably going to start calling on Bannon to resign soon. This whole “put him off to the side somewhere so he doesn’t go back to Breitbart and take revenge” thing is starting to look like what’s definitely happening. Obviously, every aspect of pre-4/6 Trump is being thrown out.

Steve would be better at Breitbart, America would be better knowing for certain that the party is over and the Jews are in charge.


I’ll just leave this here.