NYT: America Needs More Worthless Human Garbage

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2017

They literally used this picture to illustrate what America needs more of.

The initial argument for third world immigration was that these people would somehow benefit our economy. Jews endlessly sung the refrain that these hard working Pajeets, Pedros and Muhameds would pay our pensions.

Of course, anyone with a few neurons left can tell that worthless, uneducated and lazy brown people are only a burden for White people to carry. The Jews have let in an enemy force, and these people have absolutely no interest in contributing to our society, let alone “pay our pensions.”

The few Mexicans who do work just send all the money back to their homelands, draining America of billions of dollars every year to benefit a foreign state. The rest just collect welfare, food stamps and free health care.

But the goyim know.

So the Jews are now switching things up.

Masha Gessen, a carpet-munching Jewess, is actually making the argument that we should be welcoming the most useless people in the world – because of feelings.

I googled “oven-dodger” and found this picture of Gessen.

New York Times:

When Mr. Trump issued an executive order banning entry by citizens of predominantly Muslim countries, American technology companies responded with a lawsuit in which they stressed that immigrants have founded and run many large tech companies. The revocation of DACA has brought forth similar — and much-quoted — responses from Silicon Valley. When the president threw his support behind a reform plan that would drastically reduce immigration to this country, editorial writers argued against it by pointing out that immigrants benefit the economy.

These arguments usually begin by stating that America is a “land of immigrants.” This not only is an insult to Native Americans and the descendants of those who were brought to this country against their will but also constitutes a sort of sleight of hand. It turns the stories of individual immigrants into the “story of America.” It’s one thing for individuals to base their sense of self-worth on their contribution to the American economy. It’s quite another to claim that America values immigrants because of this contribution: This paves the way to thinking that America should make decisions about immigrants based on whether they benefit the economy. It can even reframe giving safe haven to the persecuted as giving jobs to the well qualified.

So now, saying that “America is a country of immigrants” is a bigoted show of support for the White patriarchal system of oppression.

I guess this is the Jew’s attempt at shifting the Overton window or whatever.

It’s not immigrants’ economic contribution that makes America proud; it’s its adherence to the words inscribed inside the base of the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor/your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” — from the Emma Lazarus poem that the White House adviser Stephen Miller waved away last month during a news conference on immigration reform.

Surprise surprise, another Jew enters the scene!

The controversy following Mr. Miller’s comments focused on the poem. But the argument for refugees is less poetic than it is pragmatic. As Arendt wrote in that essay, “the outlawing of the Jewish people in Europe has been followed closely by the outlawing of most European nations.” This was just a first step, Arendt wrote: “The comity of European peoples went to pieces when, and because, it allowed its weakest member to be excluded and persecuted.”

Ah, of course, it always ends up being about the holocaust, doesn’t it?

We have to let our countries be destroyed by third world sewer cultures, because otherwise we’ll have another holocaust. That’s actually always been their argument, but since they know it’s not very good, Jews usually don’t just come out and say it out right.

Instead, they relied on creating a chain of associations in people’s minds that allowed them to frame the debate in their favor. It goes a bit like this:

  1. Nazis are absolute evil.
  2. Nazis were nationalists and hated Jews.
  3. Everything the Nazis believed was wrong and evil.
  4. Therefore, anyone who advocates anything vaguely similar to what Nazis believed is wrong and evil.

Don’t want your son to cut off his penis? You might as well start rounding out Jews, then.

They did this through movies, television, books and any other media they could get their hands on. From that point, they could promote their anti-White agenda through seemingly innocuous (but nonsensical) arguments  like “immigrants are good for the economy,” and anyone who’d argue against it would be portrayed as wrong and evil using the embedded cultural memes mentioned above.

But this isn’t working anymore. They overplayed their hand, and people are completely fed up.

So now we have retard-tier Jews like Gressen spilling the beans in desperation, coming out with this “immigrants are bad, but you have to accept them otherwise you’re a mean-old Nazi” argument.

This is not going to work out too well for them, I can assure you of that.