NYPD Says They Have “Actual Case” Against Weinstein They’re Moving On

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2017

Personally, I doubt that Weinstein actually did anything illegal.

I think this is just feminism eating the kikes who created it.

Which is beautiful.

The Hollywood Reporter:

New York police on Friday gave an update on the department’s investigation into a rape accusation against Harvey Weinstein, saying they have an “actual” case.

We are happy with where the investigation is right now. Mr. Weinstein is out of state, so we would need an arrest warrant to arrest him. So, right now we are gathering our evidence. We continue to do so every day,” Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said during a news conference on New York crime statistics. “This is a collaborative effort between us and the district attorney of New York. So we’ll work together to get this done.”

Actress Paz de la Huerta on Oct. 25 accused Weinstein of raping her twice.



“She put forward a credible and detailed narrative to us,” Boyce said. “This happened seven years ago. We found corroboration along the way. We immediately contacted the district attorney of New York, and we started working the case together.”

Subpoenas have been issued, he added. Since his hard fall from grace, Weinstein retreated to Phoenix for a voluntary rehab program.

“In order to go arrest Mr. Weinstein, we need a court order, so we want to gather our evidence first before we go and do something like that,” Boyce said.

Commenting on an unsubstantiated report from early in the day about police having enough evidence to make an arrest now, Boyce said, “I am not going to deny that we don’t have probable cause [to make an arrest], but I will say we have an actual case going forward. If this person was still in New York and it was recent, we would go right away and make the arrest. No doubt. But we are talking about a seven-year-old case, and we need to move forward gathering evidence first.”

Weinstein had police reports filed against him in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, New York and London.

So yes, unless a rape is done by a black, Arab or Mexican, I just assume it’s a hoax. The idea of a “date rape” is in itself a hoax and goofy.

Maybe a Jew would rape a woman if he could, but they are all so physically weak. Harvey Weinstein couldn’t overpower a cat.

But he and his kin are the ones who pushed feminism on the people. They drove our women to revolt against us. The demonized white men as evil for being the leaders of healthy families.

Empowered multiracial female gang in Weinstein production “Deathproof”

And what is this then?

Jews are thus getting swallowed by a monster they created.

We are being told by the ADL that anti-Semitism has been rising over the last few weeks. One has to wonder what connection that this has to these Jewish sex scandals.

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