NYPD Officer Who Arrested Dancing Israelis on 9/11 Speaks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2014

Here you have an interview with the NYPD officer who arrested three dancing Mossad agents on 911.

As the reader is aware, I am extremely skeptical about conspiracy theories in general, and feel that the obsession with creating and promoting these theories is one of the key problems with the Antisemitic movement.

It very often appears that people create these theories, or endorse them, to make themselves feel important – as if they have some secret information that no one else knows, which then makes them better than the general population. There are probably other psychological factors (very often autism, and in some cases, full on schizophrenia) at work, but I don’t really care about that.

So, although I am critical of the general idea of assuming everything that happens is part of some secret conspiracy, the fact does remain that Jews do indeed take part in various conspiracies, and so it is necessary to keep an open mind and at least entertain various theories presented, and weigh their likelihood.

In my personal opinion, the Jews most definitely orchestrated the events of September 11th, 2001. One piece of evidence which proves definitively that the Jews at the very least were aware that the buildings were going to be blown up and did not do anything to stop it is the arrest of three Israelis in New York on the day, who were filming the buildings and when the planes hit danced around before being arrested by a NYPD officer.

The three Jews, who were later revealed to be Mossad agents, then went on Israeli TV and claimed that they were simply there to “document the event.”