NYP: “Trump is Winning the Argument on Immigration”

Daily Stormer
July 8, 2017

Trump was wrong about one thing – I’m still not tired of winning.

In practically every Western country, the debate on immigration is merely between those who want more immigrants and those who want WAY more.

The notion that we would want to stop mass immigration from third-world sewer cultures, or even throw these people out, is completely unthinkable in these countries.

But in America, the narrative has been completely altered – for good.

New York Post:

With his penchant for tweeted insults and GIFs, President Trump will never be mistaken for a master of the sweet art of persuasion. Yet he is clearly winning the public argument on the issue of immigration.

Hey! Don’t bash Trump’s tweeting.

Why persuade with a nudge when you can do it with a sledge hammer?

A Trump tweet is the nuclear option of persuasion.

He isn’t doing it through sustained, careful attention. No, it is the sheer fact of his November victory, and the data showing the importance of the issue of immigration to it, that has begun to shift the intellectual climate.

It had been assumed, even by many Republicans like John McCain, that opposition to amnesty and higher levels of legal immigration would doom the GOP to minority status forevermore. Trump blew up this conventional wisdom.

John McCain is the Platonic ideal of treason. A good policy would be to do the opposite of whatever he says to do, ever.

Now, intellectuals on the center-left are calling for Democrats to rethink the party’s orthodoxy on immigration, which has become more and more hostile to enforcement and to any skepticism about current high levels of immigration.

The swing here was enormous. A Trump defeat in November after running on an exaggerated version of immigration restriction would have sent Republicans scurrying back to the comfortable, corporate-friendly cliches about so-called comprehensive immigration reform. And if Hillary Clinton had won on a platform that doubled down on President Barack Obama’s executive amnesties, serious immigration enforcement would have lost its political legitimacy.

In light of the election, Josh Barro of Business Insider, William Galston of the Brookings Institution, Peter Beinart of The Atlantic, Fareed Zakaria of CNN and Stanley Greenberg of Democracy Corps, among others, have urged Democrats to recalibrate.

Many of these writers don’t merely note the perilous politics of the maximalist Democratic position on immigration or argue that policy should take account of the economic costs as well as the benefits of immigration. They also give credence to cultural concerns over mass immigration — concerns that much of the left considers poorly disguised hate.

Would could possibly believe that an influx of goat-herders would cause “cultural concerns?”

The political spectrum has shifted to the point where the former right is now the center, while formerly “radical” positions like stopping immigration completely is well within the acceptable frame of discourse.

This is the first shift that we had to accomplish, and it’s a success.

But now we still have to push much, much harder.

Our work won’t be done until the total extermination of non-Whites from the entire universe is considered a “progressive” position.