NYE Cologne: Girls Saved From Gang-Rape by Tights, Police Say

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2016


Well, it looks like we found the way to deal with Islamic integration problems: the women just need to wear tights!

Daily Express:

A senior policewoman in Cologne said only the fact that most women were wearing tights during a New Year’s Eve sexual frenzy by refugee mobs saved them from being raped.

Police Commissioner Sonja E., 26, was giving evidence before a fact-finding investigative committee of the state parliament in Dusseldorf when she made the statement about the everyday apparel sparing women from horrendous ordeals.

The policewoman, whose surname was withheld in the public hearing, told how she helped four victims near the entrance to Cologne Cathedral on the night of the attacks in and around the central station.

“They broke down completely and just wept,” she said. “They were completely overwhelmed.”

There was silence in the room as she described how some victims were surrounded by up to 50 men at a time.

“The men pulled up their short dresses and grabbed their buttocks and breasts.

“The four women I spoke with said the men attempted to pentrate into their bottoms and vaginas with their fingers. But that did not happen because they were all wearing tights.”

The officer said she believed such clothing saved many of the victims from suffering far worse than just groping.