NYC: Woman Jumps From Second Floor to Escape Her Black Rapist, Police Seek Help Locating Him

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

This is a great case study for what characterizes rape — actual rape.

Daily Mail:

The NYPD is seeking the public’s assistance in locating the following individual wanted in connection to a rape within the confines of the 105 Precinct. The following has been reported to police:

A New York woman jumped from the window of a second floor apartment to escape suspect Michael Hosang, 53, who allegedly repeatedly assaulted her over the course of six hours, police has said.

The attacker punched her in the face multiple times and caused at least one facial fracture, the New York Police Department said.

The victim launched herself through window on Thursday after she was held captive at the property near Jamaica, Queens from around 6am to 12pm.

Law enforcement officers are hunting down Hosang, 53, who they suspect raped the 29-year-old female victim multiple times while inside his residence in the vicinity of 224 Street and 130 Avenue.

The New York Police Department states that after the woman hurled herself from a height the suspect departed his home in a car.

His whereabouts is currently unknown.

According to his Facebook profile he is a manager at Vivid Cabaret Club near Times Square.

It states he is also a manager at Hoops adult entertainment club and used to work at a similar venue named Sapphire.

The profile also shows him referencing trapping ‘birds’.

He captioned pictures of a bed with clothes, jewelry and money laid out on it: ‘Which lucky bird shall be plucked from the bushes and sacrifice to “Toucan Sam” tonight. The trap has been set.

NYPD describe Hosang as male, black, approximately 5’10’, 200lbs, and with brown eyes.

In the age of #MeToo, everything is called rape, just like how every act of degeneracy is called love.

Words and their meanings are under attack, so cases like this one are good for reminding people about the actual meaning of words.


  1. Violent: woman has at least one facial fracture
  2. Unbearable: woman willing to jump from a second floor hoping to escape

From those two points you can infer:

  1. Painful
  2. Traumatizing
  3. Life-changing
  4. Easy to identify as rape

The madness of our culture redefines rape as “whatever a woman calls rape” because their body, their choice. They can choose to label men as “rapists” just because they regret spreading their legs for them or because they didn’t obtain what they hoped to obtain from those men by spreading their legs.

Remember the case of Aziz Ansari?

He had bad sex with a woman and she tried to destroy his life over it by calling it “sexual assault.”

They want to blur every line.

College sluts are accusing men of rape after having drunk consensual sex.

This is rape.

This is rape too.

Also rape.

None of that is “rape” or “sexual assault.”

Real rape and real sexual assault are immediately identifiable as such. They’re characterized by violence, injuries, trauma and desperation. It’s not about regret. It’s not about not really enjoying it. It’s not about being drunk.

This story shows what rape is actually like.

It also shows where rape usually comes from nowadays.

Calling everything rape really disrespects the rape victims who were willing to jump from a second floor to escape the experience.

Women should be reminded of the reality of rape.

Feeling regret isn’t rape, just as a man who feels he’s a woman isn’t a woman.

Movements like #MeToo and the new concept of consent pervert the meaning of “rape” in the same way that the transgender movement perverts the meaning of “man” and “woman.”

This thing isn’t female and #MeToo isn’t about rape.