NYC Violent Crime Highest Since 1996, Mayor Too Woke to Do Anything

Violent crime rates in New York City are now at the highest levels since 1996 as a result of the movement against the police, which is being backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The New York Post this week called the Mayor out, giving a list of things he should do to slow rising violent crime on the streets of America’s biggest and shittiest city.

They demand:

  • Reversing Police Commissioner Dermot Shea’s decision last month to shut down the NYPD’s plainclothes anti-crime units — a move he himself warned could prove risky. Shootings took off as soon as Shea pulled the last anti-gun cops off that duty. Send them back, now.
  • Revise the chokehold law so officers have clear, practical guidelines on restraining perps. (Any City Council member who objects should head down to the Police Academy to demonstrate what he or she would do when a perp resists arrest.)
  • End COVID “compassionate” jail releases. The mayor’s minions plainly used this initiative to further empty out Rikers, and with the virus largely under control in the city, that excuse no longer holds. Do better at social distancing, instead.
  • With whatever mix of demands and charm it takes, push the Legislature to make the obvious fix to the “no-bail” law: Give judges the discretion to order the remand of clearly dangerous perps, as well as habitual re-offenders.
  • Quit ordering the NYPD to hold off on enforcing the law because you’re worried lawbreakers will take it the wrong way. For example, no more winking at illegal fireworks, or pretending you can solve the problem just by going after the dealers.
  • Community leaders and politicians, starting with you, need to be clear that resisting arrest and taunting police is unacceptable. The “defund” movement has become a byword for “delegitimize” — a license for people to ignore or antagonize the police. It will only make such confrontations worse.

Obviously, none of that can be done, because of the political climate that says police are bad and violent criminals (blacks) are good.

So basically, we just have to deal with the rising crime, which is going to culminate in whites getting slaughtered in their homes by bands of roving negro youths.

The claim these Jews in the media are making is that if there are zero cops there will be zero crime. And apparently, a large number of people believe that. So, crime will be going nuts as they remove the cops, but they will continue to say this is just the growing pains of building a society with no cops.

Then, you will be murdered in your home, so you won’t ever get to find out if it worked or not. None of us are going to live to find out if it worked.