NYC: Man Repeatedly Stabs Apple Store Security Guard Over Face Mask Rule

Before the coronavirus hoax, I’d have assumed that the person who did something like this was a gentleman of color, since “stabbing an employee over a minor in-store regulation” tends to line up with their vibrant jungle nature.

Nowadays, however, so many people have been pushed to the brink by these insane and nonsensical restrictions that it really could be anyone.

But if I were to place a bet – yeah, I’m going with black male.


A dispute over wearing a face mask led to the stabbing of an Apple Store security guard Friday, a spokesperson with the New York City Police Department told CNN.

The suspect remains at large.

Officers responded to the West 14th Street location in Manhattan about 6:20 pm ET, Lt. Thomas Antonetti said.

The victim, a 37-year-old male whose identity was not publicly disclosed, did not suffer life-threatening wounds and was sent for treatment to Bellevue Hospital, Antonetti said.

According to Antonetti, the suspect was last seen entering a subway station on 14th Street, and no weapon was found left behind at the scene.

Personally, I’m on #TeamStabber.

There is no lower lifeform on this planet than these faggots who enforce this satanic virus hoax for minimum wage.