NYC: Good Boy Arrested by Racist Cops for Subway Stabbing Spree After Having Been Released Without Bail

Children have been going on subway knifing sprees for eons. This is not an excuse for whiteness to be enforced on the black community.

New York Post:

One of the suspects in Friday’s terrifying Manhattan subway slashing spree was nabbed with one victim’s stolen backpack — and the bloodied kitchen knife allegedly used in the attacks, prosecutors said Sunday.

Joseph Foster, 18, was charged Sunday with first-degree robbery, two counts of second-degree robbery and criminal possession of a weapon for his role in the reign of terror underground, including a slashing that left a sleeping straphanger blind in one eye.

Subway surveillance footage showed the victim trying to escape from the northbound D train at the 59th Street/Columbus Circle station around 5 a.m. Friday — and Foster dragging him back, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Katherine Byrns said.

Foster was held on $250,000 bail at his arraignment Sunday afternoon.

He and his accomplices are accused in four separate slashings that occurred Friday morning along the 6 and D train lines in Manhattan in what prosecutors said was a “gang initiation.”

Foster had the blinded victim’s stolen backpack when cops arrested him, prosecutors said. They found the serrated kitchen knife allegedly used in the attacks inside.

The teen had also been collared on January 13 on first-degree robbery charges for an alleged knifepoint mugging and stabbing of a cyclist. He was released without bail at the time.

Well, they need to release him without bail again. Probably, the reason he committed this crime was because of the trauma of the first arrest.

Now, the white supremacist New York government is bringing in even more racist cops.

The answer to this kind of crime is not more policing.

The answer is to get rid of the police and let all of the criminals out of prison.