NYC: Asian Woman Punched in the Face by Black – Female Asian Assemblywoman Defends Blacks!

An Asian woman in New York was punched in the face over the weekend as part of the ongoing wave of white supremacist hate attacks on Asians by black people.

Here’s the NBC News headline and header image:

Here’s the Huffington Post headline and header image:

Neither of them included the video.

Here’s a random screenshot I took myself from the video:

The media is purposefully framing screenshots to not show black people’s faces or skin color when they commit violent crimes. Meanwhile, they are literally claiming that this ongoing wave of black-on-Asian attacks is being done by white people.

Yuh-Line Niou, the New York Assemblywoman who posted the video, is fighting back against “racism” in the replies.

If she doesn’t want to talk about the fact that blacks are doing the attacks – as a simple matter of fact – then she shouldn’t post the video. She shouldn’t complain about the attacks.

She is really a cunt. Some of you white supremacists think Asians are not susceptible to cuntiness – and this is incorrect.

She has claimed that the comments are what is dangerous (as opposed to the blacks that randomly attack you on the street).

The black who did the attack has been arrested eight times in the past year, as part of a program of “catch and release” that the Democrats have foisted upon the city.

She’s now involved in a Twitter war with Mike Cernovich.

She’s a race traitor and other Asians are getting mad she’s such a cunt and such a black-lover.

She’s publicly condemning Asian men who dare to question her loyalty to the blacks, claiming that letting murderers out of jail without bail doesn’t increase crime.

(And yes, Kwok is a Chinese surname – this isn’t some inter-Asian conflict, the bitch is talking back to a Chinese man in defense of black men who attack helpless old Asian women on the street randomly.)

Three guesses where she’s from?

Yep! The totally real country of “Taiwan.”

And guess what she is?

Yep! Childless in her late thirties and a self-identifying lesbian.

She’s just about as rekt as a white woman – this picture is two years old.

She’s really a wreck now – she’s gotten even fatter and her face looks like a pan sitting on a stuffed pillow.

Asian women don’t usually go as nuts as white women because Asians are just generally more orderly than white people (they’re also less creative, so it’s yin and yang, of course – not trying to say Asians are better than whites). But this disease of female empowerment can spread to Asians.

Imagine an Asian woman defending a black attacker of an old Asian woman – it’s really nuts.

Taiwan is of course the base for testing out female empowerment and gay anal on the Chinese. Our Jewish overlords plan to spread that to the mainland, and that is what all of the fuss in the media about “China China China” is really about.

A lot of Chinese women will sell out their country, like this fat old bitch.

Chinese people need to be aware that the number one threat to family happiness is women who are in communication with the Jews.