NYC: Asian Feminist Judge Gets Punched in the Face on the Way to Work

Straight in the face! She never even saw it coming!

New York Post:

A Manhattan judge became the latest victim of senseless city violence when she was cold-cocked by an apparent stranger on a Citi Bike while walking to work Monday, officials and law enforcement sources told The Post.

Criminal court Judge Phyllis Chu, 56, had just gotten off the Staten Island Ferry and was headed to her job at the downtown courthouse at 100 Centre St. around 9:40 a.m. when she was suddenly slugged in the jaw by a male cyclist at the corner of Wall and Water streets.

“With no words exchanged, a bicyclist riding in the opposite direction as the one she was walking in just punched her in the face and kept going,’’ Lucian Chalfen, spokesman for the city’s Office of Court Administration, told The Post.

The judge called the cops, and then canvassed the area with responding officers hunting for her attacker, to no avail, the courts rep said.

“The individual who may have been emotionally disturbed was nowhere to be found,’’ Chalfen said — noting that the attack occurred “in broad daylight.’’

The suspect was described by sources as heavy-set and wearing a blue and green shirt. He was riding a Citi Bike, sources said.

Yes, his primary feature was being heavy-set.

This thing of not naming the race of criminals should be considered offensive to black people, as it implies that the default race of a criminal is black. A white person’s race is given when he commits a crime, because it’s so unique.

Judge Chu is most famous for allowing women to press charges against Cuba Gooding Jr. for ass-grabbing without any evidence of the action.

Firstly, I didn’t even know that ass grabbing was a crime. Secondly, why, and who cares?

Imagine that this is a city where you get released from jail without bail for shooting at someone in the streets, but if you’re famous and some bitch says you twisted her titties, the whole system is coming down on you like a truck full of bricks.

But then, the judge gets punched in the face. That’s the way this feminist legalism always works. You see the microcosm of it here:

  • Women release black criminals from prison because everyone will just get along
  • Women instead use state resources to hunt down rape hoaxes
  • Women suffer actual violence

It’s the same deal with Black Lives Matter leading to kindly old black guys getting shot out in front of their church.

If you do not have white men in charge of society, you have a terrible problem, given that these other groups, women and colored people, are incapable of fairness, which is to say they’re incapable of understanding the basic concept of justice.