NYC 2016: Invasion of the Crack Smoking Negroid Zombies

Daily Stormer
August 12, 2016


Dis nigga gettin’ turnt up!

Race-mixing Marxist agitator and New York City mayor Bill De Blasio, (born Warren Wilhelm) has only been in office for about two years, but he’s managed an extraordinary feat. He has undone 20 years of work the previous mayors had put in cleaning up NYC.

How did he do this?


He ran for mayor promising to end stop and frisk and improve relations between the New York Police Department and many New Yorkers, especially African Americans. His tenure has seen a spike in anti-police protests and disaffection with law enforcement, and he has been charged by the NYPD union with putting the interests of protesters above those of the police. He initiated new de-escalation training for officers, reduced prosecutions for cannabis possession, and oversaw the beginning of body cameras worn by police. De Blasio approved a $41 million settlement for the five men whose convictions in the 1989 Central Park jogger case were overturned and ended a post-9/11 surveillance program to monitor Muslim residents in the city.

So how did these forward thinking, super-progressive policies work out?

NY Daily News:

One man hit what appeared to be a crack pipe on a downtown No. 3 train and stripped off his clothes. A second man on the subway car was asleep. And a third appeared to be recording the bizarre scene on his cell phone for a viral video.“I have been to a lot of pretty rough places and have lived in New York City for more than 10 years, but I’ve never seen anything like this,” photographer Ben Lozovsky, 33, told The News Wednesday.

Lozovsky was on the train from 125th St. to 96th St. beginning around 1:40 a.m. Sunday when the glassy-eyed stranger plunked down a few seats away from him. A few minutes later, the shirtless straphanger pulled out his pipe and began smoking.

“The pipe filled up with a milky white smoke,” Lozovsky recalled. “It wasn’t weed smoke. Whatever was in there was combusting at a higher level. He was hitting it for a good 30 seconds to a minute without taking a breath.”

It’s a crack pipe fam, and that’s crack in it. The Jew witness may be somewhat confused, but no one else is.


Smooth, refreshing crack rocks. Who can blame a nigga?

I know what some people are thinking. They’re thinking, “But Azz, he’s just some random Negro, this isn’t evidence of a larger problem or anything.”

Those people are wrong.

New York Post:

Homeless druggies have taken over Greenwich Village’s ‘back yard’

A playground known as the “back yard” of Greenwich Village is no place for kids these days — because filthy, drug-using vagrants have taken it over.

Mercer Playground has been turned into an open-air flophouse by homeless people who camp out on the benches, litter the place with their junk and relieve themselves there, according to locals familiar with the spot.

One entrance reeked of urine, a pile of feces was poorly hidden under some sand and a pair of underpants was hanging on the fence, apparently left there to dry after being rinsed in the park’s sprinkler fountain.

Delvin Pena, a maintenance worker at a nearby apartment building, said he’d seen druggies smoking crack and shooting up heroin inside the playground.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

This is obviously what our ancestors had in mind when they founded this country and built these cities. They did it all because they secretly hoped in their heart of hearts that one day the nation would be overrun with non-Whites and Marxists, and that a mother pushing her baby in a stroller would have the heretofore unattainable luxury of being accosted by aggressive panhandlers, while watching bums shit in public, bathe themselves and do their laundry in public fountains, while watching other bums smoke crack and shoot smack on the park benches that were wasted on old people feeding filthy pigeons.

Why can’t these intolerant senior citizens just feed the junkies?

But that’s not all folks!

New York Post:

Crackheads, bums and hookers rule Washington Square Park


First Imma smoke dis rock, den I’se gettin’ upside dat see saw!

Just three weeks before NYU’s newest class moves into the area, a group of junkies and crackheads has turned a leafy pathway in Washington Square Park into an open-air drug den — and the NYPD is doing nothing about it.

As many as 20 strung-out vagrants have taken over several benches in the park’s northwest corner, where they openly consume hard drugs just steps from the children’s playground, outraged neighbors said.

One Village resident who walks his dog through the park daily said he has repeatedly witnessed people blatantly smoking crack — and even saw one man use a handheld mirror to inject narcotics into a vein in his neck as two cops sat in a cruiser about 15 feet away.

Liberal policies are just the gift that keeps on giving! In order to make everyone kinder and more in touch with the feels od the downtrodden flotsam and jetsam of humanity, we must hand over all public space to the most useless and dangerous degenerates we can find.

It just makes sense when you think about it!

Thursday afternoon, The Post spotted three people firing up a glass stem and puffing away on benches in the area.

Afterward, none would discuss what they had been doing.

About a half-dozen other apparent druggies were seen shuffling around like zombies and occasionally spewing curses at each other.

One man urinated on a tree.

A Parks Department worker admitted that he and his colleagues had quit cleaning up the area because they were scared of the addicts.

Afraid of the addicts? That’s racist, intolerant, and homophobic! And I guess its whatever other nonsensical leftist buzzwords I can’t be bothered to remember right now.

“There’s drug use, prostitution, gambling — all that is going on there. All day and all night, too,” the worker said.

“In that area over there, though, it’s off the chain and the cops know what’s going on. I ain’t touching that situation. That’s on them.”

No cops were stationed inside the park Thursday, but at one point, two officers pulled up in a patrol car and parked at Washington Square North to eat ­salads in their vehicle.

Asked why they weren’t cracking down on the lawlessness within their sight, one cop said: “We aren’t even here for that specifically. There’s a unit that’s dealing with all of that. I can’t say more than that.”

They left about 10 minutes later.

So there you have it, my fellow stormers. The cops won’t do anything about it, won’t even acknowledge that it is their job to do anything about it, but if you take it upon yourself to try and handle the problem, those same cops will arrest you for “hate crimes,” and you will be bankrupt and locked in a cage post haste!

If anyone still thinks I’m exaggerating, check out this video of 33 Negroes overdosing on K2 in broad daylight in Brooklyn, NYC.

I told you it was gonna keep getting weirder…