NY Times Journalist Who Lied About Saddam WMDs Now Claiming Assad Used WMDs

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2017

Michael R. Gordon: He’s got a smile you can trust.

Michael R. Gordon, who is either Jewish or a neo-con paid operative, was fundamental in drumming up support for the war in Iraq. Besides his Jewish accomplice Judith Miller, the New York Times published an article in 2002 asserting that Saddam Hussein was well on his way to producing nuclear weapons. His source was a fear-mongering Iraqi defector and “intelligence sources,” neither which provided evidence.

This turned out to be a lie.

Other highlights were misleading claims parroted in neocon press that the bombs used to kill American GIs in Iraq were provided by Iran.

This also turned out to be a lie.

There are more examples, big and small, of this guy publishing things that aren’t true, but with very real consequences for mankind. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of US troops are now dead, millions maimed or their lives altered forever, a whole region is now in flames. Part of the responsibility falls on the fake news this dirtbag has spent decades manufacturing for the Jew York Times.

This story is actually truer than most stories published in the NYT.

This comes just days after Rex Tillerson announced the United States would no longer pursue a policy of “regime change” against Assad, and is reminiscent of the first “Sarin Gas” false accusation that were later found out to be the work of the US backed Jihadist rebels and Turkey.

Gordon’s latest hit is that the Assad government – which is by all accounts making lightning fast gains in Syria and on the brink of ending the war – has used chemical weapons targeting women and children because he’s evil and finds it amusing.

If you ask why he did it, you yourself are making excuses for a mad psychopathic babykiller. It’s exactly the same as asking for evidence of gas chambers at Auschwitz. 

They were grilling Sean Spicer on this and he condemned the attack, while Nikki Haley went and did her own thing (as usual), but all of the facts aren’t out yet to come to a conclusion.

The Gordon piece relies heavily on an “unnamed State Department” source to speak for the White House, and frame the issue in exactly the way (((neocons))) want it.

New York Times:

The United States blamed the Syrian government and its patrons, Russia and Iran, on Tuesday for one of the deadliest chemical weapons attacks in years in Syria, one that killed dozens of people in Idlib Province, including children, and sickened scores more.

A senior State Department official said the attack appeared to be a war crime and called on Russia and Iran to restrain the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria from carrying out further chemical strikes.

Britain, France and Turkey joined Washington in condemning the attack, which they also attributed to Mr. Assad’s government. The United Nations Security Council was scheduled to be briefed on the attack on Wednesday.

One of the worst atrocities attributed to the Syrian government since President Trump took office, it poses a potential policy dilemma for the administration, which would like to shift the focus in Syria entirely to fighting the Islamic State.

Russia has insisted that it had no military role in the strike. But the State Department official, who briefed reporters on Tuesday, said that Russian officials were trying to evade their responsibility because Russia and Iran were guarantors of the Assad government’s commitment to adhere to a cease-fire in the peace talks the Kremlin helped organized in Astana, Kazakhstan, this year.

A chemical weapons attack, if carried out by the government, would be a brazen statement of impunity, coming during a major international meeting in Brussels where officials are debating whether the European Union and others will contribute billions of dollars for reconstructing Syria if it is presided over by a government run by Mr. Assad.

“Today’s chemical attack was a direct insult to the #EU,” Fadi Halisso, a Syrian former priest who runs Basmeh and Zeitooneh, a humanitarian organization that aids Syrian and Palestinian refugees, said on Twitter.

“Assad is telling them, ‘You will pay, and I will continue killing,’” he added from Brussels, where he was attending the meeting. “You can do nothing.”

There had already been debate about whether the European Union and other Western countries would be willing or able to insist on a significant political transition, or at least power sharing, as a condition for supplying reconstruction funds.

The Assad government has adamantly denied responsibility for this attack. The possibility here is that a laboratory holding or producing chemical weapons for use by the insurgents was blown up and this is the fallout. There is no reason for the Assad government – which has the upper hand – to engage in this kind of tactic, but there’s a long list of reasons why the terrorist groups now seeing their funding from America drying up would do it.

Most importantly of all, even if true, Jews in the media blasting atrocity propaganda of dying children in your face is not about humanitarian concern, but about Israeli geopolitical interests and getting you to support a third world war. Every time American/Russian/Iranian/Syrian troops attack ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the Judenpresse claims that only women and children die.

The Jews and neo-cons were unable to sell a regime change to depose Assad and put ISIS in power when they had the chance, and this is a last ditch effort to poison the well as American forces collaborate closely with Iran, Russia and Syria to destroy the terrorists and leave. Syria is on the brink of peace and normalcy once again – kryptonite for these war mongers.

In the end, the chances are high that this is just another hoax or false flag attack. Especially when the main source for these accusations so far has been the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” – an Arab blogging in his underwear from his apartment in England. Even the German government is admitting most of the SOHR’s claims are made up. When more information emerges, they will hopefully drop this war-drumming reverberating through every single media publication right now.