NY Business Owners Chase Communist Health Enforcers Out the Door! WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

Inspiring video has emerged of a group of New York business owners chasing Governor Cuomo’s communist health enforcers off of their property. The video was apparently recorded Friday, and has gone viral.

The video shows an extreme confrontation with sheriff’s deputies and a county health inspector, who have barged into a gym to demand that the people disperse in the name of the coronavirus hoax.

More than 100 Buffalo-area business owners were gathered in Athletes Unleashed, a private gym in Orchard Park, to discuss how to deal with these new brutal business-destroying rules brought in by Cuomo. The video was originally shared in a blog post by Tim Walton.

One of the people in a sheriff’s vest is literally British, a totally fat British man with a strong accent. Watching the video, I was thinking back to Alex Jones saying 20 years ago that the UN would bring in international enforcers to implement their agenda.

None of the officials are identified, but can you think of any reason other than “United Nations enforcer” that a British man would be involved with a coronavirus raid in Buffalo, New York? He’s obviously not a sheriff’s deputy. Come on.

Just consider the optics of it: this fat British piece of shit saying to Americans, in America, in a private business, “you’re meant to be wearing masks, it’s a government mandate” almost made me snap. He then starts saying, “we’re not trespassing, we have a right to be here.”

Is there anything more symbolic of the extent to which we have reached the point of the American revolution than this? A literal fat British slob on our property demanding we wear masks?

Buffalo has been declared an “orange zone” under the color coded coronavirus system. You remember, back in April I told you there would be a color coded system. That’s in full swing now, everyone is using color codes. Code orange means gyms have to close, and these business owners were brainstorming to figure out how to save their businesses under these conditions.

Twenty minutes after the meeting began, these fat slobs from the government showed up. I’m sure it was the first time any of them had stepped foot in a gym. “Morbidly obese health enforcers” are a key feature of clown world. The brainstormers were told that they were in violation of the decrees of the governor. The people rightfully demanded that they present a warrant or leave.

One guy tells the fat woman inspector that people are killing themselves and she should have compassion, and she says, “we do have compassion,” and another guy says, “well, you need to go have compassion out in the parking lot. This is private property!”

Eventually, to the joy of everyone in attendance, they were chased out of the building with chants of “GET OUT!”

The people followed them out into the parking lot, with one guy saying, “this is a Black Lives Matter protest, get the fuck out!”

When the fatties were on the run, someone said, “take your commie shit elsewhere!”

This is inspiring. But we should also note that it is a unique situation. For the most part, this will not work. If you don’t have a hundred people screaming, the cops are likely to start making arrests.

We need a better and more organized plan than “just wait until the sheriff shows up with health inspectors and UN officials and then start yelling at them to leave.” We need an organized movement of resistance against this agenda.

We have the numbers. No normal people believe in this virus hoax anymore, because they can’t afford to believe in it. Believing in it was a luxury in the spring, now every working person has lost so much money that they just don’t have that luxury anymore. That is very much the way belief systems work – you believe what works for you, and normal people are all being forced to look at the truth of reality, which is that this virus is a globalist hoax designed to destroy small businesses and transfer our wealth to the billionaire class, as well as strip us of our freedoms, in advance of a globalist world government agenda.

It is my view that all of the energy of the Trump movement, all of the energy of the anti-lockdown movement, needs to be pushed into a movement to secede from the union. We need to partition the country so that people who believe in globalism, socialism, communism, masks, mass immigration, and all of the rest of it, can have their own territories to do that in.