NWO Cat-Lady Drops Dead While Giving Pro-Macron Speech

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer

May 7, 2017

It’s no coincidence that freaks – homosexuals and childless women – dominate the European political class.

Jews and plutocrats select for these perverts because not having children make you less likely to have a moral compass. Fags and women who get to old age without a husband are generally narcissistic hedonists. Without a stake in the future, they gladly doom us to oblivion.

One such bottom-feeding opportunist has dropped dead while campaigning for Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron.

Sky News:

A French MP has died after collapsing on stage while making a speech at a rally for presidential contender Emmanuel Macron.

Corrine Erhel, 50, was the final speaker at the event in Plouisy in western France on Friday.

She fell to the ground during her speech and later died in hospital.

Ms Ehrel became member of parliament for a part of northern Brittany in 2007.

She was originally a member of the Socialist Party but joined Mr Macron’s En Marche! in 2016.

En Marche! secretary general Richard Ferrand tweeted: “We cry. Corinne Ehrel taken away during a meeting. We will miss our wonderful friend.”

The cause of death is being listed as a heart attack.

There are unsubstantiated rumors floating around that Erhel was behind the Macron leaks, and was assassinated by the French deep-state in retaliation.

I personally don’t see a middle aged cat lady with a consistent track record of political careerism having anything to do with #MacronLeaks. That is, unless a third party offered a handsome fee for the information.

Regardless of whether there is intrigue or not, Ms. Erhel’s legacy is stacked up in the dumpster bin behind an abortion clinic, and the world has lost nothing with her passing.