NWO BTFO: Trump to Kill NAFTA

Daily Stormer
July 7, 2016


Don’t worry goyim. Letting Mexicans run your economy will be good for you, huehuehue.

NAFTA was basically a scam from the get go. The purpose was to allow (((corporations))) to get richer by relocating their operations in Mexico and reselling the products in the US and Canada without having to pay tariffs. This increased profits because they could then avoid the heavy environmental and administrative regulations present here.

The common American (or Canadian, for that matter) didn’t benefit from this, as it certainly caused a lot of jobs to be lost and thus general salaries to drop as well.

That Trump is discussing renegotiating and even leaving NAFTA altogether is thus a sign of the type of glory which is in store for the people, should they choose wisely.



Donald Trump calls NAFTA the “worst trade deal in history.”

He said as president he’d negotiate for better terms with Mexico and Canada, and if they don’t agree, he’d pull out altogether.

Would he even have the power to scrap it on his own? Turns out presidents do have that power and don’t need Congress. NAFTA’s Article 2205, which Trump cited in his speech last week in Pittsburgh, is only 34 words and simply says that a party may withdraw from the agreement six months after it provides written notice.

NAFTA, which went into force in 1994, changed relations between the U.S. and Mexico in two significant ways. It virtually eliminated tariffs between the two countries, and it made it easier for U.S. firms to invest in Mexico.

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How does it feel like, having a leader who’ll actually defend your interests?

Yeah, that sounds exactly like something that would need to be repealed. Why would we want US firms to invest in Mexico, rather than here?

That should be grounds for treason charges.

But if Hillary gets her way, not only will NAFTA stay, we’ll also get the TPP, which will only make things much worse.