#NurseLivesMatter: Health Workers Riot in Paris, Demand More Money for Less Work

People initially thought that hospitals were going to be overwhelmed with coronavirus cases, but the health workers themselves quickly and swiftly debunked that idea by spending most of their workdays dancing for social media.

It seems that these doctors and nurses really believe that they’re some kind of heroes. It’s logical they would believe that, since the media has been telling them that for four months.

Daily Mail:

A march by French health workers calling for better pay and working conditions because of the Coronavirus crisis descended into street violence in Paris on Tuesday.

Riot police used tear gas and baton charges as they fought with protesters by Les Invalides in the centre of the city on Tuesday afternoon.

By 4pm there had been 16 arrests, and ‘disturbances were ongoing,’ said a spokesman for the Paris police prefecture.

Thousands including doctors and nurses had taken to the streets to rally for a better deal from the government.

‘It appears that the main march was infiltrated by radicals who wanted to take on the police,’ said one of the protesters.

‘They began throwing missiles at officers, who responded in a manner that was very heavy handed.’

A car was turned over at one point, with demonstrators hiding behind it as they goaded the police.

Hundreds of youths then made their way on to the large grass field in front of Les Invalides, where some of the worst fighting took place.

There, police snatch squads cold be seen rushing into the crowd to make arrests, as tear gas swirled everywhere. Fires were also started in waste bins.

Health workers have treated some 73,000 people since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in March, and for a long period people all over France held a daily 8pm clap to thank them for their efforts.

Now, though, they are complaining that President Emmanuel Macron’s government is not doing enough to reward them for their efforts.

Health care workers have some nerve.

Most people are not going to the hospital anymore unless they believe they have coronavirus, so hospitals are seeing even less patients than they saw before the coronavirus “pandemic.”

Yet they’re marching and demanding even more money for doing even less than before!

Nurses are worse than the blacks.

Even if their march was somehow “infiltrated” by people who just wanted to clash with the police for fun, the fact remains that the health care scum feel entitled to more money for doing less than before.