Nuns in MAGA Masks Pray Behind Trump at Ohio Rally

I won’t say that Ohio is the most Christian state, but we’re for sure in the top five.

And we’re the ones who had nuns praying the rosary behind Donald Trump while he was speaking at a rally.

This was in Circleville, Ohio.

They were Sisters of the Children of Mary from Newark, Ohio, who came to support the President with prayer, as they know he is the only force that can protect Christianity in this country from the forces that seek to destroy it.

I think it’s important to remember that even whilst the sickening “Pope” is out there promoting gay-anal marriage so that homosexuals can adopt children, and falsely claiming that God loves anal sex with men, the majority of Catholics are good people who do not support the evil that this Anti-Pope represents.

Furthermore, whilst the Pope is out there talking about how Trump is evil for “separating families” and “locking children in cages,” all the real Catholics in America support Trump (even if for no other reason than that he is against abortion, as it is actually impossible for someone to be Catholic and support a politician who supports abortion).

I know that there have been issues in America between Catholics and Protestants, and that some Protestants are jumping on the fact that the Pope is anti-Trump and pro-gay to portray Catholics negatively. But we do not have time for that sort of thing. We need to recognize now that Catholic or Protestant, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, and we need to come together and stand against the globalist agenda, which is satanic and Jewish.

Catholics who support the current Pope, or support Joe Biden, are not real Catholics. It is against the basis of the Catholic religion to support homosexuality or abortion, and thus no true Catholic can support this Pope or Joe Biden.

Remember: we are all in this together.

Here’s the full rally from Circleville.

And he’s an even better weekend rally from Wisconsin.