Nunes Attacks Twitter Censorship as We are That Much Closer to Regulation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2018

It is destiny.

The government is going to regulate the internet.

And we will be given our freedoms back.

Washington Examiner:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes condemned Twitter on Sunday for continuing to apply a layer of censorship on the Drudge Report.

About two months after the California Republican raised the alarm about Drudge Report “being censored by Twitter,” Nunes again nailed the social media platform for putting up a wall separating users from the top right-leaning news aggregator. “I just looked on Twitter,” Nunes said on “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo.” “The Drudge Report is being censored today, so for the last three or four days I haven’t been able to get on the Drudge Report because it’s being censored on Twitter.”

He connected the issue to the larger issue of censorship and bias conservatives face in the technology arena, days after a Google search showed the word “Nazism” in an information box about the California Republican Party’s ideology. “So this censorship of conservatives and Republicans and conservative values continues in this country and here in California we’re on the front lines,” he added.

Asked what exactly is going on with Nunes’ attempts to click on Drudge Report tweets, a top right-leaning news aggregator, a spokesman for the congressman told the Washington Examiner that he is seeing a message saying that they are blocked due to potentially “sensitive content.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Drudge Report being discussed.

It doesn’t matter who is discussed.

This is just starting the conversation.

This is all or nothing – either we are going to get free speech on the internet, or these monopoly companies are going to censor everyone to the right of Bernie.

We might not be going back to the golden age of 2015 – Twitter probably will have “harassment” rules.

But we will be given amnesty.

We will be able to speak freely on these platforms. Even me.

And this whole shit with my stolen domain – that’s all going to end.

Judgement Day comes to Silicon Valley.