Number of Syrian Child Refugees Invading Europe Increased Over 50% This Year So Far

The real problem here is that none of them are vaxxed.

Sputnik News:

The European Union has recorded a dramatic increase in illegal immigration, reporting a 59 percent surge in illegal border crossings in comparison with the same period last year, the European Union’s border and coast guard agency Frontex announced on Saturday.

According to the latest estimates, in July the EU saw “17,300 illegal border crossings, 33% more than in the same month last year.” Also, 14,600 illegal immigrants were registered in June. During the current year, 82,000 illegal border crossings have been recorded, presenting a 59 percent increase over the same period in 2020.

“The Central Mediterranean route accounted for the highest share of illegal border-crossings in July, followed by the Western Balkan route,” the agency said.

In this route have been seen 7,600 illegal border crossings. “This brings the total for this year to 30 800, a 96% increase compared with last year,” according to Frontex, and the majority of migrants have come from Tunisia, Bangladesh and Egypt.

The Brutal Syrian Civil War has had a big impact on Bangladesh.

Greece is the only country actually holding the line.

Though honestly, these are not very serious numbers.

One would expect it to get a lot worse, when the Jews decide to turn the heat up.