Nude Adults Explain Transgenderism to Children on Danish TV

Denmark aired a TV show where nude adults appeared on stage before young children, and explained to them the nature of trannies.

In front of a live audience of prepubescent children, the adults, three men and two women (or maybe some of them are trannies, I don’t know), stripped naked and talked about their genitals.

One of the nude adults was an African, for some reason.

This might seem weird to you, but don’t worry: it’s totally normal.

That Netflix show with the 10-year-olds gyrating and grabbing their pussies was actually against sexualizing children. They were showing it to show it’s not good, not because they want to normalize it.

You’d have to be stupid not to get that obvious message.

Western society has totally not started systematically targeting prepubescent children for sexualization as part of a run-up to the normalization of pedophilia. And even if that is obviously happening, it certainly isn’t a part of a globalist Jew plot to erase the entire history of Christian civilization and replace it with a new satanic order.

It’s all just fine.

Totally fine.

The coronavirus will be over soon and everything will go back to normal and if people start having sex with children, well, that’s just their orientation and it doesn’t have anything to do with satanic Jews. You’re just paranoid. No one is sexualizing children and what’s weird is that you think that’s weird.

Maybe you’re the real satanic Jew pedophile?