NSA Employs the Angry Birds to Spy on You

Daily Stormer
January 27, 2014

I trusted you birds.  And you betrayed me.
I trusted you birds. And you betrayed me.

Perhaps tapping into their anger, which is thought to be driven by their distaste for goyim, the NSA was able to convince the Angry Birds to spy on you, allegedly without the consent of their programmers.

Google Maps is also spying on you, but I think everyone already knew that.

From Fox:

Citing confidential documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the reports detail efforts to supplement data collection from cell phone carriers and smartphones by tapping into “leaky” apps themselves.

“Some apps, the documents state, can share users’ most sensitive information such as sexual orientation – and one app recorded in the material even sends specific sexual preferences such as whether or not the user may be a swinger,” the Guardian said.

That information can come from a user profile, which may contain martial status — options included “single,” “married,” “divorced,” “swinger” and more, the report said.

Both spy agencies showed a particular interest in Google Maps, which is accurate to within a few yards or better in some locations and would clearly pass along data about a phone owner’s whereabouts.

“It effectively means that anyone using Google Maps on a smartphone is working in support of a GCHQ system,” reads a secret 2008 report by the NSA’s sister spy agency, according to the New York Times.

More surprising is the wide range of apps that the agencies cull for data, including innocent-seeming apps such as Angry Birds. One document in particular from GCHQ listed what information can be extracted from which apps, citing Android apps but suggesting the same data was available from the iPhone platform.

Angry Birds maker Rovio said it had no knowledge of any NSA or GCHQ programs or mechanisms for tapping into its users’ data.

ZDNet gives us more:

Named after the children’s television cartoon characters, “The Smurfs,” these tools allow the British spy agency to target individual smartphones. For example, “Tracker Smurf” that allowed high-precision geolocation, and “Nosey Smurf” that gave analysts access to a device’s microphone. Meanwhile, “Dreamy Smurf” allowed analysts to switch stealthily activate a device that is apparently switched off.

Basically, the bottom line here, as we have said, appears to be that the NSA is collecting literally all data which exists.

They know when you are sleeping.  They know when you're awake.
They know when you are sleeping. They know when you’re awake.

When DARPA said “total information awareness,” they meant total information awareness.

The seal of DARPA's Total Information Awareness Office.
The seal of DARPA’s Information Awareness Office.

From Wikipedia:

The Information Awareness Office (IAO) was established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in January 2002 to bring together several DARPA projects focused on applying surveillance and information technology to track and monitor terrorists and other asymmetric threats to U.S. national security, by achieving Total Information Awareness (TIA).

The good news is, there is probably no possible way they can correlate or understand most of this data they are collecting.