NSA Conspiracy Against Tucker Carlson to be Investigated (Press X)

So the conspiracy against Tucker Carlson is going to be investigated by the people accused of organizing the conspiracy, huh?

Makes sense.


The inspector general for the NSA will investigate whether the spy service targeted Fox host Tucker Carlson for surveillance, several outlets reported, after the agency denied the charge with a carefully worded statement in June.

National Security Agency IG Robert Storch announced the move on Tuesday, saying his office would look into whether the agency “improperly targeted the communications of a member of the US news media.” While the statement stopped short of citing Carlson by name, unnamed officials told CBS News and the Wall Street Journal that the probe will center on the Fox host.

The investigation will review the NSA’s compliance with federal law and its own policies pertaining to “collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination activities,” as well as “unmasking procedures,” Storch said, referring to steps the NSA must take to ‘unmask’ the identity of American intelligence targets.

A spokesperson for Fox News said the outlet is “gratified to learn the NSA’s egregious surveillance of Tucker Carlson will now be independently investigated,” calling the alleged targeting of the host “entirely unacceptable.”

Of course, Fox didn’t question the concept of the NSA investigating itself. They even falsely referred to it as an “independent” investigation.

Right wingers have this bizarre loyalty to these institutions. If an organization is caught in a conspiracy against one of their leaders, they just assume it must be “rogue elements,” and then are happy to hear the situation will be investigated by the people who did it.

It is pathology on par with opposing the draft for women.

It’s also tiresome.