NRA Installs Renowned Weapons Salesman Oliver North as Head – Can the NRA Get Weapons to Iran?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 8, 2018

The NRA just made a great pick for their new head.

Great, great pick.


The National Rifle Association has announced its new president will be Oliver North. The retired US Marine colonel gained notoriety as the man behind the 1980s ‘Iran-Contra’ weapons export scandal.

“I am honored to have been selected by the NRA Board to soon serve as this great organization’s president,” North said in a statement, asking for a few weeks to put his other affairs in order. He resigned as host of a TV show on Fox News, effective immediately.

NRA president Pete Brownell has decided not to seek re-election, saying he wanted to devote more time and energy to his family business, the NRA said on Monday.

This is one guy who definitely does not give a single fuck about having a license to buy and sell weapons.

For those who don’t know – the Iran-Contra “scandal” was a program of selling weapons to Iran and using the money from that to fund communist-killing death squads in Latin America. If that seems overly complicated or convoluted, it’s because you’re stupid.

Of course, what we are all hoping is that the NRA – an organization that deals in WEAPONS – will be getting weapons into the hands of Iranians. In particular, I’d like to see them get nuclear weapons, along with chemical and biological agents.

There has never been a time Iran was more in need of POWERFUL WEAPONS, and I am very – very – happy to see an Iranian ally like Ollie at the helm of America’s number one WEAPONS-RELATED organization.

Come to think of it, we could also use some CONTRAS in Latin America just about now… particularly in Tijuana.

In fact, rather than head of the NRA, maybe Ollie should just be made Secretary of State?

I mean, look – selling weapons to Iran to pay for terrorists in Latin America was a GREAT IDEA in the 80s – and it is an even GREATER idea in the 10s.

Let’s send Ollie over to sell a couple of nukes to the Ayatollah.

Help them get set up near Damascus.

Just for defense.

And I guess also – theoretically – in case they decide to just preemptively nuke Tel Aviv.

Then we can use the money from that to send right-wing death squads to slaughter people on migrant caravans in Mexico.

Ollie is the hero we deserve.


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