Now They’re Pushing a Plasmid DNA Coronavirus Vaccine

What is even the explanation as to why the earth would need an infinite number of different vaccines for the same virus?

Obviously, they are developing all of these different vaccines and planning to push them on you.

They are all some kind of gene therapy.


An Indian drugmaker has applied for Emergency Use Approval (EUA) for its Covid-19 vaccine, which is administered in a three-dose regimen. The firm claims the shot is the first ever plasmid DNA vaccine.

In a press statement on Thursday, Indian pharmaceutical giant Zydus Cadila said it had conducted India’s largest Covid-19 vaccine trial to date when testing the effectiveness and safety of its new shot. The trial, it says, took place during the wave caused by the Delta variant.

The firm stated that they had applied to the Indian medical regulator with strong results, noting that their vaccine had been proven to be effective against multiple new strains of the virus, including the Delta variant which was first identified in India. The vaccine was also tested on adolescents aged 12-18, the first time this has happened in the country.

Zydus claims that the vaccine is 66.6% effective at preventing “symptomatic RT-PCR positive” cases in its interim analysis. “Whereas, no moderate case of Covid-19 disease was observed in the vaccine arm post administration of the third dose suggesting 100% efficacy for moderate disease,” it adds, while also confirming that no severe cases or deaths were observed.

Zydus says the plasmid DNA technology is “ideally suited” for beating Covid-19, noting that it can be easily adapted, and adding that the vaccine is the world’s first plasmid DNA shot. The vaccine works by injecting genetically engineered plasmid containing the DNA sequence of the pathogen.

This is a new form of gene therapy delivery mechanism.

The plasmid is part of the core of the CRISPR gene-editing tool.

Every single one of these vaccines is some kind of genetic mutation agenda.

Why are these people doing this?

What is their end game?