Now They’re Admitting the Vax Does Nothing and the Fake Crisis Will Continue Indefinitely

Andrew Anglin pictured trying to rationalize with a big-brained coronavirus theorist

I hate to say I predicted this…

For real, I’m so tired of saying that.

I just feel exhausted by all of this virus gibberish.

Frankly, I didn’t “predict” anything – all I did was look at all of these papers that the globalists had published themselves, publicly, and then just explain what that meant in terms of this virus hoax. There was no “predicting” involved.

But I did say everything that was going to happen – including that after the vaccine was deployed, they would eventually admit that it doesn’t really work, so you have to stay locked down and keep getting more and more vaccines.

Again – not really a “prediction.”

All of these people from the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, the World Economic Forum, every other elite group going back over 100 years – they were saying that they were planning to downsize your life, to force you to live in small apartments and not have any children.

The most famous statement is “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

This sentence (two sentences? Why is that period there?) is a summary of a hundred years’ worth of documents from elite planning councils.

But that was just a quick summary of their agenda over a period of nearly 150 years.

So the idea that this virus hoax would be pushed by these organizations, and then they would just say “oh okay, you can go back to normal now,” was utterly nonsensical.

I tried to explain this.

Andrew Anglin trying even harder to talk sense into these kook theorists who believe in the virus and think the single master plan of the ruling class is that you should “work and consume.”

I began trying to explain it as soon as the virus hoax started. It was very obvious to me. And yet I had how many morons either saying:

  • “Oh no – the virus is actually real,” or
  • “Sure, the virus isn’t real, but the government just messed up trying to stop Trump – they will go back to normal soon, because they want everyone working and consuming.”

Please note that Tucker Carlson was in the latter group.

He said it was all about Trump and after the election hoax, they would end the virus hoax.

Untold numbers of boomers in alternative media said that. Even people who might be sort of serious, who are banned from various places. I mean, there were plenty of people on saying it.

A big brain Covid theorist after the hoax didn’t end with the election or the vaccine. They just couldn’t understand why the elite didn’t want us to go back to working and consuming!

People were calling me a “conspiracy theorist.”

For stating the obvious.

In fact, they were the ones coming up with “conspiracy theories.” All I was doing was saying what was in these documents, which I’ve continually pointed at and linked to.

Well, all of these countries that are massively vaxed are now saying that the vax didn’t do anything.

Of course, the true believers in the undocumented and totally baseless theory that the elite “just want you working and consuming” will justify this by saying “they just screwed up the vaccine.”

They didn’t screw up the vaccine. These “positive tests” are all fake. There isn’t even a new virus, it’s just the flu renamed. Everyone knows the PCR test is fake. The New York Times admitted it in July of 2020.

They could just as easily be telling the hospitals to do fewer cycles on the PCR, and say that “Covid has disappeared.”

No one could possibly tell the difference from the death toll – they could just go back to saying people who died of cancer, heart attacks, old age and so on died of that instead of the coronavirus. The entire virus death toll was fake to begin with.

In New Zealand, they have how many deaths?

No – you guess.

How many deaths do they attribute to COVID NINETEEN?

If you guessed “28,” then you’re correct.

So obviously, no one would notice if they said “oh wow, the vax worked great, now we can totally go back to normal.”

But they’re not doing that. They’re saying that Covid is still real and we need to stay locked down and get more vaccines because the virus is spreading more than ever.


New Zealand has recorded its highest-ever daily Covid-19 infection count with just shy of 100 new local cases, despite over 80% of citizens having had at least one vaccine dose. Officials have blamed the spike on rule-breakers.

The nation’s remaining hopes of achieving ‘zero Covid’ have shown no signs of coming any closer to reality, as Tuesday saw 94 new coronavirus infections. The latest figure announced by New Zealand health officials is an all-time record after a previous high of 89 cases in a single day, which occurred twice earlier in the pandemic. The bulk of the new cases were detected in Auckland, the island’s largest city by population, though seven were located in the Waikato district, some 110km (68 miles) south of the metropolis.

Addressing the surge in cases, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern suggested that those running afoul of Auckland’s ongoing lockdown rules – which have been in effect for around two months now – are helping to drive the new infections, and insisted the country is not “powerless” to tackle the health crisis.

I know the highs and lows of cases is incredibly hard on people, particularly those in Tamaki Makaurau,” the PM said, using an indigenous name for Auckland. “I just wanted to reinforce again that we’re not powerless. We do have the ability to keep cases as low as we can.”

The new spike comes despite a relatively high immunization rate in the country. According to health officials, at least 85% of the population have had their first vaccine dose, with 67% being fully vaccinated. Almost 130,000 jabs were made during Saturday’s nationwide ‘Super Saturday Vaxathon’ event, including 91,000 second doses. The previous record for single-day vaccination was a little more than 93,000 injections. The country has a total population of about five million, with Auckland being home to 1.66 million people.

They didn’t “screw up” and make a vaccine that doesn’t do anything.

There was no problem in the first place.

Covid does not actually exist!

All they did was rename the flu!

It was part of the plan to say that the vaccine doesn’t really work, so you have to stay locked in your house, to lose your business, to downsize your life because of supply shortages.

They were always going to say there was a new variant that beat the vaccine.

The reason for hyping up the vaccine in the first place was to let you think that there was some kind of finality on the horizon.

Also, they are clearly obsessed with injecting you with this genetic engineering substance for whatever reason. Probably, because of a satanic genetic engineering conspiracy.

One thing is clear: this hoax is not going to end.

You are now in a permanent fake emergency, and because they claim there is a virus, it means they can do anything to you. Everything that you thought was your rights is now gone, forever, as it turns out those rights were predicated on there not being a virus.

If there is a virus, you don’t have any rights and the government can do anything they want to anyone.

So why on earth would you think that the government would want there to not be a virus?

How stupid are these people? 

I’m not even gloating.

I’m just… frustrated.

I have had people smugly chuckling at me for more than a year and a half.

I’ve never been smug, I’ve never tried to act like I’m smarter than anyone.

I’ve only said: “stop smugly chuckling, you moron! This is serious!”

But every time I said “man, please stop smugly chuckling for just 2 minutes and look at this document from the World Economic Forum,” I would again be drowned in smug chuckles, and these people would go back to saying, “well, it’s really just a bad flu, and the government has overreacted, but as soon as we get the vaccine we’ll get back to normal. You see, the elite want us to keep working and consuming – that’s their plan for us.”

A neo-Nazi and a boomer corner Andrew Anglin so they can chuckle smugly at him and his kooky belief that the government doesn’t want the fake pandemic to end. “The government is trying to solve the problem, Anglin – they’re just incompetent! Or maybe this is about Donald Trump! We just have to wait for the vaccine!”

If I tried to say “please show me one document from the elite that says their plan is for us to keep working and consuming,” my words would be drowned out by the sound of smug chuckling.

So I actually have a right to chuckle smugly right now.

But I’m not going to.

I’m just simply not interested in smug chuckling, on any level.

Smugness is a sign of insecurity, in every context.

People who legitimately believe (or believed before September) that the only plan of the global ruling elite is to “have people work and consume products” have a real reason to be insecure – I can tell you that.

So, I’m just going to give all of you smug chuckling faggots a quick reading list that I call “baby’s first cure for the smug chuckles.”

Get those books – or at least skim the Wikipedia pages for those books! – and you’ll find a drastic reduction in your smug chuckling as you begin to slowly realize that no, the grand master plan is not for “the peasants to work and consume products.”

I can give you another list of dozens more books, but if you go through those, you should at least reach the point where your smug chuckling is severely reduced.

You smug bastards are not required to apologize to me. But I would appreciate if you made a public statement such as “how I cured my smug chuckles.”